10 WAYS to Improve Your Bowling Speed in Cricket

Cricket is a popular sport where every fraction of a second matters, especially a bowler’s thunderous pace, which influences the result of that match. High-speed bowling can be the game changer, creating immense pressure on batsmen and paving the way to victory.

If you are an aspiring bowler, then you might be striving to improve your bowling speed in cricket. Well… you have reached the right place as we will keep you equipped with the 10 best pace bowling techniques.

1. Improve your Fitness and Strength

You can improve your Cricket bowling speed by transferring your body’s power into the ball. For that, you should keep practicing weight-lifting to build your strength. And, of course, you can try the evergreen wrist exercises which will never leave your side in the bowling performance.

Having strength in your forearm muscles and wrist will improve your bowling speed and help with the steady motion of bowling. Focusing more on strength training, especially on your lower body including — the legs, hips, and base, will help you generate excess power in your delivery run.

2. Practice a Strong Run-Up

One of the small detail yet powerful ones is focusing on gaining your momentum during the run-up. Always remember that a comfortable and fast run-up will help generate excess speed by the time you approach the crease.

Have you ever observed the bowling pattern of successful pace bowlers? If you haven’t observed it, kindly re-visit their videos, you will notice them taking long distances to bowl. It is to naturally gain momentum, which would make the forearm rotate much faster.

3. Concentrate on Your Bowling Technique

Put your focus on your Cricket bowling technique and if possible consult a good coach so that you can make sure that your action is technically accurate and highly effective.

Remember that if you even make a small adjustment to your actions, you can witness stunning improvements in your bowling speed.

4. Strengthen and Boost Your Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the major factors that help in generating good bowling speed and safeguard against injuries. So make sure to work more on your flexibility by practicing stretching exercises regularly.

5. Stay Focused on Your Follow-Through

It is important to have a strong and steady follow-through which will transfer your body’s power into your spellbound delivery. But you must ensure to 100% follow through completely after you release the cricket ball.

6. Start practicing the Bowling Drills

To improve your lightning-fast delivery effectively, you must start practicing certain drills that are made specially to improve your bowling speed. For example, you can start working on drills such as — explosive sprints, medicine ball exercises, and plyometric drills which will further improve your muscular power and speed.

7. Recorded Video Analysis

There is no better judge than yourself! This statement can be proven right through this method where you will have to record your bowling patterns. Now, start analyzing the different bowling patterns that you have recorded and identify mistakes or improvements you need to make. Also, when you have your bowling action in a video format, you can always compare it to the successful fast bowlers and make adjustments accordingly.

8. Bowling Against More Powerful Batsmen

What could be more challenging for you than bowling against more skilled and tougher batsmen? It will indeed push you to increase your speed in further deliveries. So, if you have successfully followed the above 7 ways, then it is time to face a stronger batsman in either practice sessions or matches.

9. Preparing Mentally

One of the most important and effective pace bowling ways is that you must have a positive mindset. And, you must visualize yourself delivering a thunderous pace which turns out to be challenging for batsmen. Thus, your mental preparation and self-confidence will also play a major role in improving your performance.

10. Practicing Top Bowling Speed Consistently

Once you feel that you have attained a top bowling speed, that isn’t the conclusion, so you must consistently practice it. Most importantly, staying focused while practicing is the major technique to maintain your bowling speed on the same level. Also, do not hesitate to seek feedback from good coaches so that you can keep track of your progress and improve your bowling pace effectively.


Hence, the above-mentioned are the 10 best ways to improve your cricket bowling speed of 150kmph or more. But fast bowling on that same level will require consistency and dedication.

Additionally, other than the above 10 methods, you can also copy the foot movement of a Javelin thrower. Because, the movement of the Javelin throw is slightly similar to the bowling, as both these scenarios require the strength of your forearms and wrist.