6 Ways to Play Winning Online Blackjack Game

Are you looking to win in online Blackjack? Blackjack offers one of the best odds when it comes to online or land-based gambling. House edge standing at 1%, you have the best chances to accumulate your profit. 

Let’s face it, Blackjack is a fun, lively game, especially if you are not on the losing side. Your bankroll is growing steadily, no matter what goes around you. Even the mental picture is satisfying enough. Without any further ado, here are a few tips and strategies on boosting your winning chances on Blackjack.

Why learning basics important?

Blackjack is a game full of strategies. Every outcome is a mathematical probability. So, either you are visiting a casino or just joining a table online, you need to know the basics of this game.

It is far different than any other gambling choice. Guessing and throwing your money on the table is closer to losing. Before you even get on with the tips, brush your knowledge on its rules. 

Tips to winning online Blackjack

1. Choose the table wisely

Always find a table that matches your bankroll. Although it might be difficult for players with lower budget limits, it is not impossible. Do a little research on the online gambling portal you have to choose or get on the chat with Customer Support to get complete information on the minimum and maximum streak.  There is even a casino that gives out free games during holidays or peak hours. Get around that, too, to benefit from such promotional offers.

2. Aces and Eights

If you have gone through any cheat seats online, it always recommends split aces and eights. Even though it may seem like a bad idea, give it some time. Splitting eights can land you neat profit and increases your likelihood of winning the game.

3. Soft 17

One another essential tip while finding a good table is choosing one where Dealer stands on Soft 17. This scenario cuts the house edge substantially, making the win slightly more accessible for you. 

4. Stand during weak cards

Let’s face it; You might not always get unique cards. It’s not a James Bond movie. So, when you have fragile cards that can bust against dealers’ hands, it’s best to stand. 

For instance, a dealer has face-up cards of four, five, or six, and you have made up the hand of 10 and 2. This card has an approximately 70% chance that you can improve your hand; however, the remaining 30% poses a threat of busting.

5. Attractive double down options

While some casinos only allow to double down with a 10 or 11. Some sites have no restriction on this offer and allow you to double down any two cards. This can help you lower the house edge, which is a sweet deal on your side. 

Strategies that help reduce the house edge can boost your winning chances helping you increase the bankroll.

6. Double down ace on Dealer’s Six

If you have any ace in your hand and the dealer’s upcard is on Six, utilize the double down option. Double down whenever possible, but avoid when the dealer is on soft 10 or 20.  

Betting limits

Once you are ready to get on the betting grounds, you need to set a budget. Stick with the limit you have set depending upon your bankroll. Don’t go chasing the losses. That might easily trap you in the whirlwind. Never set a limit that you can’t afford.

It’s not the end of the world; you will have better days and gaming strategies in place to win your loss. Don’t let your temptation get the best of you. 

Betting strategies

Having betting strategies in mind is a plus while playing any online casino game. Many players opt for options like Martingale Strategy and Paroli. This technique is based on mathematical progression that helps recover the losses and grants you a tight profit. 

However, if you have relatively smaller bankrolls, I suggest you try other strategies. As the ones mentioned above require a generous flow of money. 

Wagering Patterns

Wager the same amount of money on each hand. The trick is useful if you are new in the game and trying few hands to get around Blackjack. But once you grasp the ideas of different hands, you should change your betting patterns. 

Always consider your previous result before placing the next wager. While you are on the winning streaks, alter the bet set. Deduct the bet when you are on the losing streaks. It’s all about getting your head in the game.

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