Are High Variance Slots Worth Playing?

Slots games, the delightful, vibrant, and variety of figures usually assembled in 3-5 pay line that makes us pray the minute they started rolling. Let’s be honest. Every time the machine gets going, we wish for a jackpot. 

Like many casino games out there, slots have different payout levels, ranging from high-variance to medium and finally low. With such an abundance of options to choose from; it does get overwhelming to find the one that won’t disappoint you. So, to make a wise choice, we might need to understand few basics. 

What is a variance, and is high-variance really worth the hype? 

Slot Volatility Vs Variance Vs RTP?

Slot Volatility

First of all, let’s begin with Volatility. In the short term, slot volatility is the risk element linked with slot games. It is a hypothetical calculation that determines your winning strike. It is much more like Return to Player (RTP). An RTP helps you get down the Maths in getting paid for the bets you have played in longer terms. 

Variance vs Volatility

In the gambling world, Volatility and Variance are related terms used by any seasoned gambler. Both of these technical terms point towards the risk factors that are associated with the games. It gives players the idea of what to expect in either a short or long period in terms of frequency, total winnings, and few other factors.  

However, these two terms have a trivial difference in the case of risk determination. The variance defines a game distribution over a more extended period in contrast to Volatility. 

Volatility vs RTP

Return to player is the percentage value of the total bets paid back as winnings to the player. The operator’s predetermined value guarantees a certain percentage of bets is awarded back to the players in the long run. A slot machine can be programmed for few significant wins or persistent small wins. Despite that, the end paid out is almost 93-98% of the total bets. 

What is the right slot volatility?

The answer comes to you. Suppose you have a large bankroll; it’s best to engage in the high-volatility slot games. However, you have a small bankroll with plenty of time in your hands, go for the low-volatility games. 

In high-volatility games, the winning is not frequent; they generally are big prizes but once in hundred spins. But you also have the risk of finishing empty-handed as well. 

In terms of low -volatility slot games, the wins are small but frequent, which shows up in the long run. This way, you won’t run out of spins so quickly. 

The best way, in my opinion, is to mix and match the different volatility levels. 

Slot Variance levels

Although there are three levels to slot variance: High, medium, and low, a seasoned gambler can easily disagree with the categories. For them, the slots variances come down to five sets. 

High-Variance Slots

This could be an exciting choice if you have considerable capital. High-variance slots are for the risk-takers with an equally good bankroll. It might take multiple spins to get to the winning combinations. But once you do, the payout is gigantic, like lottery winnings.

Only play if you:

  • Have a hefty bankroll
  • High-roller
  • Eager to taking risks
  • Patience to hit the jackpot

Medium-High Variance Slots

In terms of risks and winning combination, they are close relative to high-variance slot games. The games are mainly targeted to the high-rollers due to the high stakes of these games.

Only play if you:

  • Have a promising capital to back up the bets.
  • Enjoys alternating between big and small betting styles.
  • Having the patience and will to take the risk for the final jackpot.

Medium-Variance Slots

This the soft spot between the high and low variance. The players who take on medium-variance slots are not hesitant to small risks. In the meantime, they usually don’t prefer to throw a massive sum of money in big bets. 

Only play if you:

  • Enjoys and is satisfied with small winnings
  • Substantial bankroll to go the long run.
  • Not averse to taking risks.
  • Willing to take a shot for the jackpot.

Medium-Low Variance Slots

In contrast to medium variance, the medium-low gives out small yet frequent payouts. However, the sizeable winning fusion is less often. The risk factors are comparatively minimized. Which equalizes the higher hit frequencies the slot game has to offer. 

Only play if you:

  • Enjoys small easy wins.
  • Agrees to the conventional gambling technique.
  • Limited bankroll

Low-Variance Slots

Last but not least, this variance offers persistent payouts after every other spin. The risk is minimum, while the winning combinations are frequent. If you are new to the casino world; low-variance can slowly and steadily help you enrich your taste buds in slot gaming. 

Only play if you:

  • More on the conservative side.
  • Have a limited capital.
  • Enjoys easy and frequent small wins.

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