What is Back and Lay in Cricket Betting?

Gambling not just brings excitement, thrill, uncertainty but an element of risk too. If you are unfamiliar with the term cricket back betting, then you are in for a roller coaster ride. Back and lay cricket betting is one of the unconventional ways of sports betting wherein you can bet against any player rather than the traditional bookie. One of the features that make cricket back betting distinct is that the player gets to choose if he prefers to back or lay a bet.

How Does Back And Lay Betting Work?

Back-and-lay cricket betting has been creating quite a buzz recently. Probably because it allows better odds at wins than the traditional methods of betting. The launch of cricket back betting started a revolution in the world of gambling. The fact that this betting method allows you to be the bookie brings along a sense of ownership.

In traditional betting, the player can back pre-set outcomes while the bookmaker is betting against it. Let’s explain it with an example. Suppose there is a match between Australia and India. If you invest 100$ in Australia to win, you can take home double the amount if your prediction is right. However, if you lose, your money goes to the bookmaker.

By offering odds that don’t have many chances turning into winning reality, the bookmaker ensures he profits most of the time. However, with cricket back betting, you can adjust the odds to your favour or back the one you think has a fair chance of bringing profits.

What is Lay Betting?

Lay betting allows you to bet on an event that shall not happen. It is more like a double chance bet boosting your possibility of winning. Let’s take a match between Pakistan and New Zealand as an example. Say you want to lay New Zealand, then you will be winning one if Pakistan wins or the game falls out to be a draw.

One can minimise risk by understanding various aspects of Back and lay cricket betting. One of the aspects that one needs to get hold of before laying or backing a bet is lay bet liability. Your liability is at stake when you choose to back a bet. Hence regardless of the outcome, you will lose the amount you wagered in the first place. So it is crucial to consider the bet liability while laying a bet.

How To Make Profits Using Lay/ Back Bets?

Well, there is no assurance when it comes to the world of gambling. However, there are strategies that can help you maximise your odds of profits when you are laying or backing a bet. One of the foolproof ways to guarantee profits is to place two bets against each other on the same game. This strategy allows you to harness the cricket back betting exchanges to the fullest. Thus, all one needs to do is ensure you back high and lay low to bring in profits irrespective of the outcomes on the field.

Match Betting

Another way to ensure you don’t suffer any losses is through match betting. You just need to use one of these websites to back a win. Once you are done with the backing, you need to visit a cricket back betting exchange website and lay the same odds. It shall ensure you win either at the betting or exchange website. One of the plus points of this strategy is you only need to invest in the exchange since you are using the new client bonus on the other one.

Back To Lay

Back to lay is another method that lies at the core of the sports betting market. However, this method is best for experienced players who have seen the ups and downs of the game. The key to this strategy is backing an undervalued player or team. The downside of back to lay is that you need to plan your move well beforehand, or else you may suffer loss.

For example, you say England will win the world cup by 9 wickets. You put your cash on the odds, and the market catches up. With the traditional betting sites, you can only hope you stand correct. On the other hand, your options are far than limited with the exchange. Instead of letting the bet ride, you can now lay on the team and make the same profits regardless of whether England wins or loses.

So, follow these cricket back betting strategies properly and beat the odds for the upcoming matches.

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