Bangladesh Vs Sri Lanka Asia Cup Head to Head Records

Cricket is a famous game plot that is loved by everyone. The Asian Cup is all about proper plots and delivery of good skills. In recent years the Cup has highlighted some of the good players. Their skillful performances have made the Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka matches exciting. Thus, its popularity is increasing day by day.

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka:

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka has been set on the features and involves good competition. The T20 will be held on the formats and has increased the ODI game formats. The Bangladeshi players have been improving the formats and excluded several changes. In a recent investigation, the Bangladeshi team has come up with the inclusion of a strong 17-member team.

Sri Lankan teams have come up with the series and are dealing with the squads with new formats. For the Asian Cup, it has come up with the series developing more game plots. Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka has been developing and dealing with the procedure.

Asian Cup history:

The Cup has represented out of the prestigious players. It is basically a perfect representation of the players. The entire match was represented in the Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium and followed the round-robin format. Over the years, the Asian Cup has delivered the proper players and also formed good ways of implementing the games.

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka has made possible ways of keeping the game on track. The Asian Cup has developed the most inevitable players and made people fall in love with the sport.

In a recent playlist both the teams have brought the ODI that is identified to be Sri Lanka winning the match. If we look at the 2nd ODI it is all illustrated in the making of Bangladeshi teams winning with 103 runs. In every possible case, it has applied various ways of winning the formats and delivering the all-possible ranges.

Asian Records of Sri Lanka:

If we look back on the year 2016, it has been extraordinary and the team managed to win the game. Players like Wanindu Hasaranga have appeared on a good pitch. He has scalped 10 wickets and remained well in the game. Sri Lanka is a packed team that has made the possible formats. The team has amazing skills and connectivity in terms of taking wickets and making proper scores. If you look at the batting section it is seen to make average runs that are 163.3 and 182.7.

Asian Records of Bangladesh:

On the other hand, Bangladeshi players are developing the formats in a better way. Players like Mohammad Naim Sheikh, are involved in extreme training and also developing other features. Over the years Bangladesh has made improvements and also formed good formats.

If you look through the formats, both the teams have come to a point of delivering a good pitch. In the case of T20s they have played over 12 matches and Sri Lanka has won over 8, whereas Bangladesh has won 4. Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka had great scores and made records for the teams.

The formats that have been displayed are that the batting set is about 160.4 score and its average run is 167.8. Both the teams have made possible runs between 214 to 215. Look at the other players like Mushfiqur Rahim who made in the Asian Cup for about 296 runs in 10 matches. Mahmudullah for about 271 runs. On the other hand, Kusan Perera, who is a Sri Lankan player, has gone through eight matches and scored around 366 runs. For other players like Mushfiqur Rahim that made 42.28 average runs in 10 matches.


However, Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka is a treat to watch as the teams have been improving their skills. Especially Bangladesh has turned the games and format into a new venture.

Cricket is the most loved game and has been the heart of everyone. The players have done their best to instigate the formats and develop the features of the game. The teams have been showing out their talents and impressing the world with their skills. In no way it has also supported the deserving players in coming up with the teams.


In no way the teams Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka will always remain special and have brought the maximum changes. Both the teams have been dominating the cricket grounds and brought the main changes into the cricket field. We are looking forward to meeting new players and executing the proper game formats. In the other features, it is all set to develop the rules and better regulation of the game.