Bangladeshi cricketers who smoke cigarettes

Bangladesh has one of the world’s largest ultrareligious Islamic populations, so smoking in public is heavily frowned on. However, some players who have featured for the Bangladesh national team or in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) have been caught smoking publicly before.

Let’s check out the top Bangladeshi cricketers who have been fingered as smokers after blowing off steam in public.

Khaled Mahmud

Bangladeshi veteran player, coach, and commentator Khaled Mahmud was captured in an awkward position during a BPL game. The Khulna Tigers (KLT) head coach and former captain of the national team was captured on live camera blowing off a cigarette in public.

What Was the Punishment Handed Down to Khaled Mahmud?

Mahmud is one of Bangladeshi cricketers most-respected veterans with massive influence in the country’s cricket circle. Fan outcry was the only kind of flak he got for smoking in public. After the game with KLT and Fortune Barishal (FTB), fan comments on X (formerly Twitter) were quite charged against him.

One user said:

In Europe players are getting suspended for vaping. I don’t understand how Khaled Mahmud Sujon smoked in the dressing room. It was absolutely disgusting to watch,”

Another fan reacted in broken English:

How Coach Khaled Mahmud can Smoke in Field??? How and whats the logic?? What your player will learn??

There was no comment from the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) or BPL officials after this incident.

Khaled Mahmud Batting and Fielding Stats

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Khaled Mahmud Bowling Stats

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Mohammed Shahzad

Shahzad is not a Bangladeshi cricketers, but he plies his trade in the BPL so he can feature in this list. The experienced cricketer fell on the wrong side of fans’ graces when he was caught blowing off steam in public.

He appeared with a cigarette at a public gathering of Minister Group Dhaka (MGD) players, sparking charged outcry and condemnation from Bangladesh cricket fans. The incident happened on February 4, 2022 at the Shere Bangla National Stadium, and Shahzad took more than flak for his behaviour.

Their match versus the Comilla Victorians (COV) was completely overshadowed by Shahzad’s public smoking gaffe, and fans didn’t hold back while expressing their displeasure. 

What Was the Punishment Meted Out to Mohammed Shahzad in BPL?

The veteran Afghan cricketer was handed a demerit point, flagging more misdemeanours on his personal record in BPL cricket. That fresh demerit point is backed by Article 2.2 of BCB’s Code of Conduct, that frowns on behaviour that is against the ‘spirit of cricket’.

Shahzad accepted sanctions imposed by BCB officials and no formal hearing was needed.

Mohammed Shahzad Batting and Fielding Stats

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Mohammed Shahzad Bowling Stats

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(stats are accurate as of February 4, 2024)