BCB has set up a three-member panel: To evaluate the performances in the 2023 World Cup

Recently, the BCB has set up a three-member panel to evaluate the team’s overall performance in the 2023 World Cup. The objective of the BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board) is to scrutinize the factors that caused the team’s poor performance in the tournament.

Moreover, the Bangladesh cricket team has to overcome the disastrous moments in the 2023 World Cup campaign. The team led by Shakib Al Hasan failed to qualify for the knockouts of the CWC 2023 tournament.

As the ball skids across the surfaces, most of the matches in the tournament were high-scoring on the Indian soil. These playing conditions were unsuitable for the Bangladesh cricketers, inexperienced with high-scoring matches.

Contrarily, the dry and twisting pitches at Dhaka favor spin bowlers by turning the ball and grabbing quick wickets.

Difficulties for the Bangladesh cricket team in the CWC 2023 tournament:

Notably, the challenges posed by the different playing conditions on Indian soil presented many difficulties for the Bangladesh cricket team in the CWC 2023 tournament. Moreover, BCB has set up a three-member panel to evaluate Bangladesh’s performance from the beginning of the tournament.

Shakib Al Hasan and his men began their journey into the tournament excitingly with a 6-wicket win against Afghanistan. However, the situation was thrown into chaos after Bangladesh lost 6 consecutive matches of the tournament against these teams:

  1. England: Lost by 137 runs
  2. New Zealand: Lost by 8 wickets
  3. India: Lost by 7 wickets
  4. South Africa: Lost by 149 runs
  5. Netherlands:Lost by 87 runs
  6. Pakistan: Lost by 7 wickets

As a result, Bangladesh became the first team to get knocked out of the tournament. Consecutively, they lost six matches by a huge margin that resulted in a poor net run rate in the points table.

After losing these matches sequentially, Bangladesh managed to win only a single match against Sri Lanka by 3 wickets.

Indeed, Bangladesh survived the scare of qualification into the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 based on the Netherlands’ massive defeat by 160 runs against Team India.

Bangladesh competed against the Aussies without the presence of Shakib Al Hasan and was completely dominated by the Aussies.

Undoubtedly, the Tigers World Cup campaign concluded with an 8-wicket loss against the Kangaroos.

BCB has set up a three-member panel: Important Discussions about Bangladesh’s performance in CWC 2023

One of the crucial reasons BCB has set up a three-member panel is to identify the root causes of the team’s lackluster performance in the tournament.

The committee will be convened by the BCB director Enayet Hossain Siraj, with Mahbubul Anam and Akram Khan as additional members. The group will analyze the Bangladesh team’s performance that led to their early exit from the tournament.

Soon, the BCB directors will scrutinize various factors such as:

1. Selection of Players:

The 3-member panel will certainly focus on the important factors that include selections of players ahead of the tournament. To analyze the performance and adaptability of these players in diverse playing conditions, the 3-member panel has been set by the BCB.

2. Cricketers included in the Playing XI of the CWC 2023 tournament:

The BCB directors will completely analyze Bangladesh’s Playing XI of the CWC 2023 tournament. This helps to evaluate the best individual performers of the team to motivate them and provide a chance for the forthcoming series and tournaments.

Also, a detailed survey of players’ strengths and weaknesses will be discussed in the meeting to implement alternative strategies.

3. Coaching Strategies for the Bangladesh cricket team:

The panel will analyze the effectiveness of the coaching strategies for the Bangladesh cricket team. This helps to identify the benefits gained from the training session and reduce the potential gaps that affected the team’s overall performance in the World Cup

4. Bowling and Batting performance:

Bangladesh cricketers weren’t impressive with their overall bowling and batting performance in this tournament. A detailed discussion enables the BCB to provide a special focus on each department.

5. Fielding performance and dropped catches:

Importantly, the fielding performance and dropped catches can have a severe impact on a match. For instance, the Australians became the defending champions being conscious of the following factors during the finals of the CWC 2023 tournament:

  1. Delivering effective fielding performance and saving 20 to 30 runs by stopping boundaries.
  2. Taking stunning diving catches.
  3. Not giving any chance of dropped catches.
  4. Preventing the opposition from taking any singles and rotation of strikes.
  5. Pressurize the opponent team to play forced dot balls.

In the same way, the BCB directors will consider the above factors and take the initiative to implement their team’s excellence.

6. Cricketing culture within the team:

The BCB directors will evaluate the cricketing culture within the team by considering various factors such as:

  • Team bonding during the success and hardships.
  • Effective communication among the players.
  • Ability to handle pressure according to different playing conditions.

The transition period for Bangladesh across all the formats of cricket

Ultimately, Bangladesh is reaching a transition period across all the formats with Tamim Iqbal and Shakib Al Hasan nearing the waning periods of their career.

In Shakib’s forced absence due to injury, Najmul Hossain Shanto is appointed the stand-in captain for the ongoing test series against New Zealand. The 25-year-young cricketer expressed his desire to become a full-time captain across all the formats.

Consequently, the Bangladesh cricket team is expected to undergo changes and transitions by including the young cricketers, without relying on the long-standing contribution of these key players.

BCB has set up a three-member panel:  Expected Outcomes and its overall impact on future

The three-member panel set up by the BCB targets the future success of the Bangladesh cricket team and provides valuable guidance to the talented cricketers.

Ultimately, implementing different strategies after these discussions will enhance the team’s performance for the approaching series and tournaments against the toughest opposition team.  Overall, the BCB has set up a three-member panel to influence the cricketing skills. Also, nurturing and promoting young talents, helps them to become the future of the Bangladesh cricket team