BCB says Mustafizur has Nothing To Learn From IPL and recalls him from the ongoing IPL 2024

The BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board) has come up with a bold move, withdrawing Mustafizur Rahman from the ongoing IPL (Indian Premier League) 2024. They are stating that the fast bowler has nothing left to improve. The BCB is keen on maintaining Mustafizur’s fitness and making him ready for the upcoming T20 international series against Zimbabwe. Let us further explore the in-depth details of BCB’s recall decision, their perspective, and Mustafizur’s IPL performance.

The BCB Authority’s Perspective

BCB authority Jalal Yunus has been opposing the board’s decision recently, saying that Mustafizur’s IPL participation will not improve his cricketing abilities. The BCB thinks that Mustafizur has finished schooling to play for the IPL and is now the player whom the other IPL players can take up.

The top concern of the BCB now is the fitness and health of Mustafizur. Why is this? People worry that the goal for franchises of the IPL is to buy a player and fail to acknowledge his athletic state.

However, Mustafizur is a main talent who could be an advantage in the T20 game is Mustafizur. The World Cup provides the board with a channel to monitor whether his performance favours the requirements of the national side.

The Decision to Recall Mustafizur

Initially, Mustafizur was supposed to be back in Bangladesh on May 1, but the BCB decided to extend his NOC (No Objection Certificate) by one day with the mutual request of CSK and the player.

On 2nd May 2024, Mustafizur will be back in action and ready to play for the national team on Monday, just like his previous appearance.

However, the BCB’s decision is not entirely based on the T20I series against Zimbabwe; but also to manage Mustafizur’s workload before and during future trips. Hence, this was BCB’s important consideration.

Mustafizur’s IPL Performance

It is worth noting that Mustafizur has been a strong contender in the IPL, having won the Purple Cap many times. With 10 wickets in five matches, he has already proven his ability and worth to the Chennai Super Kings team.

It is evident in this IPL season that Mustafizur has been an effective pace bowler in the Chennai Super Kings team. But keeping his necessary presence for the national matches; there are many complications around his availability in this ongoing season of the Indian Premier League.

Right after his impressive performances, controversies started arising with arguments that Mustafizur should be allowed to continue playing in the IPL.

However, Mustafizur is renowned as Bangladesh’s best successful bowler in T20Is. Also, he has his place confirmed in the upcoming T20 World Cup Bangladesh squad.

Mustafizur’s Availability in IPL 2024

As of now, Mustafizur will be available for Chennai Super Kings matches against:

  • Lucknow Super Giants on 23rd April 2024
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad on 28th April 2024
  • Punjab Kings on 1st May 2024.

However, after 1st May 2024, Mustafizur will be in Bangladesh for the home T20I series which will be played against Zimbabwe. Hence, this series is said to take place from 3rd May to 12th May. Later on, Mustafizur will be seen playing in the T20I series against the USA in Texas, from 21st May 2024.

National Interests that Overshadow

This decision by the BCB is a clear example of why the interests of the national team are more important than any league involvement.

The board’s focus on a past scenario (in 2021) where two players appeared exhausted after participating in the entire IPL season before joining the World Cup was used to validate this method of thinking.

It is expected that the board will not find themselves in a situation like this again and is taking cautious steps to ensure their players are fit and ready for international matches.


The decision to withdraw Mustafizur Rahman from the IPL has raised doubts about the proper balance between league cricket and national responsibility.

However, Mustafizur’s health and fitness are the top priority of the BCB. Also, not repeating the mistakes of past scenarios, this time the board is taking careful steps.

Although the board is convinced that Mustafizur has improved beyond the IPL’s learning time frame; they are equally focused on maintaining his fitness for the T20s. Also, Mulstafizur is said to be available up to 1st May 2024; for this ongoing IPL after which he will be in Bangladesh.

Why is this so? World Cup and beyond. The impact on Mustafizur’s career and the relationship between national boards and franchise cricket will be interesting as the cricketing world watches this matter