Best Online Betting Site To Watch IPL 2024 Live

Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most enjoyable cricket tournament in the world. Also, it is the most prestigious event in cricket, gathering millions of fans every year. Crickex and MostPlay are the Best Betting Sites to Watch IPL 2024 Online. With the establishment of these online betting sites, you can watch live matches in real time. At the same time, you can bet on your favourite teams and players.

In recent times, there has been confusion about choosing CRICKEX vs MOSTPLAY. Which of these are the Best Betting Sites to Watch IPL 2024 Online? Let us keep you equipped with the analysis of which platform is best to watch IPL 2024 Live. Also, let us walk you through the unique features that differentiate Crickex and Mostplay.

Why is CRICKEX amongst the Best Betting Sites to Watch IPL 2024 Online?

Crickex is one of the main platforms where you can watch live streams of IPL. Therefore, it offers real-time feedback, scores, and player statistics, thus making it a favourite for passionate cricket followers. Also, the Easy-to-use interface and the flawless streaming feature provide an enjoyable experience for the viewers and also enlighten them about the matches.

Crickex also gives a large choice of betting options. Hence, you can place bets on the match outcomes and selected players’ performances. Also, you can place bets on some events occurring in the game. Hence, the site is designed to provide a secure gaming platform, anticipating multiple payment systems, thus giving users peace of mind.​

Why is MOSTPLAY amongst the Best Betting Sites to Watch IPL 2024 Online?

MostPlay is one of the leading platforms for IPL live-streaming and betting. Besides Crickex, MostPlay also streams live updates and provides detailed statistics to better thrill the IPL fan’s viewing experience.

Also, MostPlay’s noteworthy positive feature is that it offers plenty of wagering choices to its users. You can place the bet not only on the match result but also on individual player performances, and specific events during the game. As a result, it enhances the IPL match viewing to an extent of additional excitement to the viewer.

To go a step further, MostPlay is strongly committed to the security of its players. Hence, it guarantees a safe and secure betting platform. Also, it provides a variety of payment methods. Therefore, Mostplay features are designed based on user requirements.

CRICKEX Features to Watch IPL 2024 Online

Crickex comes with a wide variety of features that further improve the experience of watching IPL 2024 matches live. Here are a few most important Crickex IPL features:

  • Live Streaming: Crickex broadcasts each IPL 2024 game live through their site, thus making it possible for spectators to watch the game while in progress.
  • Real-Time Updates: The platform provides instant updates throughout the matches in real-time. It involves presenting live scores, player statistics, and the overall progress of the match.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Crickex is considered user-friendly, and the design and interface of the site are not very complicated, so users can easily go around the site and find what they need.

MOSTPLAY Features to Watch IPL 2024 Online

Mostplay comes with a wide variety of features that further improve the experience of watching IPL 2024 matches live. Here are a few important MostPlay IPL features:

  • Betting Options: Besides live-streaming, Mostplay provides a wide variety of betting choices. Users can bet on the match’s outcome and various aspects of the game, such as player performances and game-specific events.
  • Secure Environment: Mostplay provides betting in a secure environment with multiple payment options, which is a convenient feature for users.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Mostplay works with mobile devices, therefore, you can watch the matches from wherever you are and place bets directly from your mobile phone.

CRICKEX vs MOSTPLAY: Which are the Best Betting Sites to Watch IPL 2024 Online?

While Crickex and MostPlay both have great IPL live-streaming and betting services, some features differentiate them from each other. Crickex is famous for its convenient and smooth streaming of events, while MostPlay is undoubtedly the best in the market when it comes to the number of betting options and safety.

Regarding IPL coverage, both Crickex and MostPlay will give you the latest news, updates, live scores and detailed stats of all players. However, the betting choices may differ between Crickex and Mostplay. As a result, you can try both these websites to find the one that matches your interests.


Whether you are a die-hard IPL fan or a casual viewer who enjoys a little spice to liven up their cricket-watching experience, Crickex and MostPlay are superb choices for live-streaming and betting. Both platforms have a secure atmosphere, several payment varieties and various betting options provided for a top-notch experience. Hence, get ready for the IPL 2024 and opt for the platform that is most suitable for you!