Who has the best bowling average in test cricket?

George Lohmann has the best bowling average of 10.75 in Test cricket; however, some criteria may see him become the fourth best according to bowling averages throughout his career.

Other cricketers have set impressive bowling averages in Test cricket for more than a century. Let’s explore the cricketers with the best averages overall and from modern-day cricketers over the last 100 years with over 150 wickets.

Which Cricketers Have a Bowling Average of Zero?

Three (3) cricketers – Bruce Murray, A. N. Hornby, and Wilf Barber – have a zero-bowling average throughout their Test careers. These cricketers all got one wicket each without conceding runs, averaging their bowling rate at zero.

How is the Best Bowling Average Calculated?

You can calculate the bowling average of a cricketer by dividing total runs they concede by wickets taken in a particular game. The simple formula to calculate a cricketer’s bowling average is:

Bowling Average = Runs Conceled by Bowlers/Wickets taken by bowler

Players who have no wickets cannot get a bowling average, as dividing total runs conceded without wickets taken will be an undefined result.

Also, you can determine total runs conceded by a certain bowler as the total runs an opposing team score when a bowler is bowling. Leg byes, byes, or penalty runs are excluded from the total calculation.

Top 20 Best Bowling Averages in Test Cricket

1GA Lohmann18364383012051129/2810.751.8834.19295
2JJ Ferris92512302775617/3712.72.0137.73461
3W Barnes212712289793516/2815.542.0744.8813
4W Bates155912822364821507/2816.422.0847.28241
5SF Barnes271312.1356787331061899/10316.432.3641.652247
6CTB Turner17457517916701017/4316.531.9351.273112
7R Peel20444521617151017/3116.981.9751.64851
8J Briggs33386533220951188/1117.752.3545.18494
9H Ironmonger14782.332846951330747/2317.971.6963.44442
10AR Patel14409.2952456989546/3818.312.4145.48251
11FR Spofforth181046.141641851731947/4418.412.4844.52674
12FH Tyson179734521411767/2718.562.4545.42341
13C Blythe19757.4231454618631008/5918.632.4545.46294
14KA Jamieson1856117833661486746/4820.082.6445.48351
15JJ Bumrah341133.4270680230841526/2720.282.7244.75410
16JH Wardle28403659720801027/3620.391.8964.67751
17G Ulyett2529926271020507/3620.42.3252.5421
18AK Davidson444311158738191867/9320.531.9762.296142
19FR Foster11407.51082447926456/9120.572.2754.3724
20K Higgs1519441121473716/9120.742.1457.9162

Top 10 Best Bowling Averages in Test Cricket with Over 150 Wickets in Last 110 Years

1JJ Bumrah341133.4270680230841526/2720.282.7244.7410
2AK Davidson444311158738191867/9320.531.9762.2614
3MD Marshall812930.46141758478763767/2220.942.6846.71922
4J Garner582194.55761316954332596/5620.972.4750.8187
5CEL Ambrose983683.510012210385014058/4520.992.354.52122
6JC Laker4667412027410119310/5321.242.0462.3139
7FS Trueman675221517866253078/3121.572.6149.41917
8GD McGrath1244874.4147029248121865638/2421.642.4951.92829
9K Rabada621902.43781141664192917/11222.053.3739.231414
10AA Donald722586.36611551973443308/7122.252.8347.021120

India’s Jasprit Bumrah reached the top of bowling averages at a recent Test encounter against England. He now has a 20.28 bowling average, higher than any other cricketer in the last 110 years of Test cricket.