Best Casino Game Odds: Baccarat, Craps, Or Blackjack?

Did you know The Fylde College in the United Kingdom is the first educational foundation to offer qualification and training in gaming? The gaming academy is helping address the skill gap in the gambling industry. If you don’t know, now you do. We all have enjoyed the hustle and bustle of a crowded casino—a chance to strike our luck and make some winnings.

Thanks to betting on the go, we don’t have to make a physical trip to any establishment just to try our luck. However, we do need to spend time researching before we begin on the game tables. 

Let’s imagine you have $150 in your gaming wallet. And you obviously want to make the most from it. Now, which games will offer you the best chances to win? The answer is it depends. Hence, today we will talk about three famous casino games known to provide the top winning odds.

Crap Odds 50%

At the initial glance, the craps table can look a little intimidating with the variety of boxes. But trust me, it’s only the exterior. The game is pretty simple and usually requires less math compared to other casino games. 

To begin the game, all you need to remember is “PASS LINE.” This bet offers you approximately 50-50 winning odds. That’s where you will be adding your bets. If the game is new, I suggest you start small with around $10 bets and wait for the roller to dice a roll.

A shooter rolls a dice ad you bet on the results. If the first roll is a seven or eleven, well then, it’s time to enjoy your victory. Nonetheless, there are chances that a roller might get 2,3 or 12, which now becomes the “Point.” 

Now the shooter needs to hit the point before she rolls another seven. But let’s say she ends up rolling a nine. You win. If the seven comes first, then you lose. 

The rules are pretty much all of it. You have solid winning odds, given the house edge is only 1.4%. If it’s your lucky day, well, buckle up because you might end up making some GOOD money. But let’s say you wish for more enormous odds, like any insatiable being. You can also bet on the “DON’T PASS” line. The house edge here is even less, 1.36%.  

Note that if you make particular bets, your odds may drop, but your payouts increase.  

Blackjack Odds 49%

With a house edge of only 1%, the winning chances in Blackjack are very high. It’s popular among gamblers due to its simple nature and best payout odds. The card game is easy and requires minimum skills to play. 

A lot of people can join in the game. Moreover, you play against the dealer, not with each other. So, if your hand comes nearly to 21, without going over (also known as a bust), you win. These are the basics of the game if you understand them. You are good to go for your first wager. 

Most casinos offer 0.5 or 1% (highest) house edge. There are tiny tricks that you can memorize to strengthen your winning odds. Like 

When do you split for 4s or 8s? 

The answer is when the dealer is showing five or seven and ALWAYS. If you search on google, you will land a variety of cheat sheets to go with the game. But if you wish to play fair, brush up your blackjack skills.

Baccarat Odds Nearly 50%

Baccarat is one of the popular games in Macau. Known for its solid odds and simple rule to go with it. 

The game strategy is easy. You are offered two choices, Banker and Player. You can bet either. Dealers draw cards to both sides; whichever comes close to nine wins. On regular tables, the house offers odds from 1.01% to 1.24% on the options. 

Note, Baccarat typically has higher limits in contrast to other table games. However, don’t let that scare you away so easily. Always begin with minimum bets, and once you get the hang of it. You can increase the amount accordingly.

Bonus: Roulette Odds Nearly 50%

The wheel consists of 38 numbers, with 1-36 are red or black. The number 0 or 00 in American casinos is green. The dealer is also called a croupier in Roulette’s case. S/he spins the wheel and tosses the ball. 

Now there are several numbers you can bet on. The simplest is color; will it fall on the red or black piece. With 50-50 odds on the game, you have a solid chance to make the winning guess. 

Similar to Craps, your odds lower with specific bet but the payout increases. 


Overall, if you want to start small, Craps or Blackjack is the way to do it. However, if you wish for a more refined and sophisticated gambling experience, Baccarat is the way to go. 

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