Best Casino games without any Skill to play

The widespread gambling options are divided into two categories:

  • Game of Skill
  • Game of pure chance

Many casino games allow the player to use strategies which improve winning chances. But that’s a discussion saved for some other day. Today we will briefly discuss the casino games that highly depend on gambler’s lucky streak.

You do need the basic knowledge of how these casino games without skill function. Hence the understanding of the following terms is essential. Such as:

However, there is no particular need to learn any other significant skills.

Here are some casino games that purely rely on luck. Hence these casino games provide slim chances of applying any big strategy.

  • Roulette
  • Slot
  • Baccarat
  • Sic-Bo
  • Craps
  • Keno
  • Bingo


Roulette’s results are all random, hence there is no particular set of skill required to play this casino game.

Nonetheless, Roulette offers with choices to try our luck, three in total to be exact:

  • American Roulette Wheel
  • French Roulette Wheel
  • European Roulette Wheel

American Roulette

  • Zero and double zero slot available.
  • 38 numbers.
  • Bets around the main frames are known as: Inside and Outside bets.
  • Payout odds are not great for players due to high house edge.
  • Triple-zero wheels provides better house edge.
  • Different number sequence in comparison to French Roulette and European Roulette.

European Roulette

  • 37 numbers
  • Single zero slot
  • Payout on the basis of winning odds.

French Roulette Wheel

  • Similar layout and betting options as European Roulette.
  • Single zero slot
  • Same outside as European Roulette bets although they are placed differently.
  • Unique rule, “en prison” This rule allows the players a 50% payback if the ball lands on zero during outside bet.
  • More favorable odds.


The poster child of biggest attraction amongst online casinos comes in all shapes and sizes. Slots are usually cheap to bet and the payout is modest, if you spin the wheel long enough.

With slots strategies are mostly out of the window. Once the wheel starts spinning, it all depends on the Random Number Generator (RNG).

Apart from the mercy of RNG you can also rely on Return to player percentage (RTP). Payout of 92% is pretty generous offer for casino games that require no skill.

In case of land-based casinos, higher coin denominations usually mean better RTP.  


Baccarat is one of the oldest and beloved online casino games. They are played in two formats:

  • When players get a chance to deal, usually reserved for high-rollers.
  • Dealt by single dealer.

Players get three betting options:

Banker Bet

  • House edge: 1.06% after 5% on commission from winning bets.
  • Also regarded as one of the safest, best and most reliable bets.

Player Bet

  • House edge: 1.06%

Tie Bet

  • House edge: 14.36%
  • One of the risky bets.


Popular among Asian casinos and gamblers in contrast to countries like United Kingdom, United States, etc. Dice is rolled out by dealer only.

The only strategy you can imply is to place bets. The results are random luck. There is no other way of influencing the outcomes.

Reliable bets: Big and Small, both with the house edge of 2.78%.


Due to the overwhelming betting options, craps can look confusing and com-plicated at first glance. Nonetheless it is a simple casino game that doesn’t require significant casino games skill.


  • Pass line bet has house edge of 1.41%
  • Don’t pass line bet has house edge of 1.36%

During the above two bets, players can place a special bet that pays out true casino odds, also known as Odds Bet. (This, however depends on the casino or the website).

  • Don’t come bet has house edge of 1.36%
  • Come bet has house edge of 1.41%

Some experts claim there is one way to influencing the outcomes. Although there is no exact evidence behind it. If the player trains their wrist action while throwing a dice, they can avoid randomness altogether.


Keno is a basic casino game, that allows player to choose a number. Any number from the pool of 80 numbers or you can let the computer pick it.

House edge on Keno is over 30%. However, Keno is among the few games that can be played for a $1. Even small bet can generate a payout: $100,000.

The keno drawing runs in interval of 5,10 and 15 minutes. Let’s say you place $1 bet per drawings. You can play all day under $100.


Another great example of casino dames that requires no skill is Bingo. You get to buy cards randomly. Furthermore, you won’t have to mark the card, online casino these days do that for you.

Hence if by chance you hit the winning sequence, well then Bingo!

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