Cricket Mobile Betting: Best Betting Apps for iOS and Android

Cricket is a very popular game worldwide and has its own game of fantasy which requires strategies and knowledge about the game. This fantasy game can result in earning a huge sum of money in a bet. Online betting done with the use of a smartphone is often referred to as Cricket mobile betting. Many mobile betting apps are developed for people to get into the strong game of gambling. Some best Cricket Mobile Betting Sites have their mobile apps, making it more convenient to handle your game. In due course of time, mobile betting apps have proved to be one of the most efficient gambling ways with its rise in the market.

How its works?

With the implementation of the Public Gambling Act 1867, gambling was no longer said to be an illegal practice. In the modern world of the 21st century, people can gamble globally on various sports.

The Cricket Mobile Betting Works on the requirement of a smartphone and a firm internet connection. Then, you need to choose the mobile betting app and get done with creating your account, add money in the wallet for placing the bet and start with observing the match fixtures to place your bet. Remember to look out for all the promotions and offers in the app as they can provide you with some mind-blowing deals.

Many of the cricket mobile betting apps come with a great welcome bonus, and many VIP offers for the users, but some aspects of the betting apps should be kept in mind when choosing the suitable one. The major factors include no downloading cost, a simplistic way to use and most importantly, what the app provides which others do not.

Best Cricket Mobile Betting Sites 2021

Choosing the right site for your betting is an essential task. It can leave you confused about where to go. Here is a list of the best Cricket Mobile Betting Sites that will surely make your work easier.

Betway sports

This site is rated number one among the betting sites. It is said to be a great one for all beginners as it is user-friendly. Betway sports provides all types of payment methods, including UPI and net banking. It also provides a big welcome bonus to kickstart your journey. It also provides a live casino. The site is available on both IOS and android.


This app allows Indian & Bangladeshi users to make their bets. The app is licensed through Curacao Gaming, which makes the app a trustworthy one. The app comes with various types of welcome & Deposit offers to attract users. There is a wide range of options available for betting on sports.

22 bet

The site is said to have an excellent casino. It also provides various payment methods. It also offers promotions and bonuses.


10cric is said to be an app that is “for the people, by the people.” It offers the most enjoyable method of betting and the best casino experience. The app owners guarantee to always be there for your service and provide you with a user-friendly environment.  They also have a Welcome Bonus which they offer to all the new users to give their journey a kick start.


This site provides you with a great mobile betting experience. It also has a live casino. It is a site upon which you can trust.

Spin sports

The app welcomes you with a big welcome bonus. The betting options provided by the app is quite large. The support system is fast, and it also has a live and excellent casino.


This app provides you with plenty of cricket bets, and the odds here are high. The app has a wide range of depositing options. The facility of cash deposits is also available here. The app is available in many languages, including Hindi. The app is said to have a weak customer support system.


This app is a reputed one among the bettors. It gives you the facility to use the INR & BDT currency. Also, it has a very huge selection to perform your bets. It even gives the user a live streaming platform for sports games. It is said to have the best options of live betting among other Mobile Betting Sites.

How Mobile Betting Works

Cricket mobile betting is a lot simpler than what it looks like. Thanks to the advanced technology that has made betting an easier one, even for beginners. All you need is a mobile, a smartphone, an internet connection, and a mobile betting app to place your bets. Remember to choose an app wisely before making a bet. For starters, you will have to make an account on your chosen site. So now let’s learn in detail how Mobile Betting Works.

The first step is to choose a reliable and trustworthy site. Choose a site which fulfils all your needs and offers some promotions. Then download the mobile app of the site. Now make an account or sign in as per the requirements of the app.

Before proceeding further, first look for all the promotions and offers. Many sites offer a welcome bonus to the new users, which provides many advantages. Through these promotions or bonuses, you can familiarize yourself to the world of betting.

The next step requires you to deposit a certain amount of money. Sometimes you even get a bonus on the first deposit. Now you are all ready to go! Just analyze and place your bet using your skills. You need not worry if you are a beginner. There is always a guide provided to you by the app or site to help you out.

Cricket Mobile Live Streaming

Cricket Live streaming is essential if you are a cricket fan or say any sports fan. But sometimes live streaming is not available in our traditional way of watching a match on the television. This problem arises due to different time zones. 

In today’s world, nothing is impossible. You can now watch your favourite sport anytime, anywhere through the facility of Mobile Live Streaming. Making bets is always fun when you get the live updates of the match instantly. Therefore, make sure to select those Cricket Mobile Betting Sites that come with the live streaming of the matches. Through the facility of mobile live streaming, you can watch the match and place your bets simultaneously!

Advantages of Cricket Mobile Betting

Cricket matches can go on for long hours. Mobile betting allows a fun way to watch cricket. You can bet on your favourite game anytime anywhere and that too legally. Here are a few advantages that are provided by mobile cricket betting.

  1. Unlike traditional betting from a bookie, mobile betting is legal.
  2. You can bet while watching the game live on the same app on which you are betting.
  3. You can bet anytime using your mobile even from the comforts of your sofa.
  4. Mobile betting sites and apps provide the users with many bonuses and offers which add extra credits to your wallet.
  5. The odds are very high on these sites and apps.
  6. The apps are user friendly, and they are easy to manage.
  7. You are always notified of the latest updates regarding the match and bet.

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