Best profitable Bangladeshi sites for online cricket betting

Cricket is one of Bangladesh’s most popular sports. The T20 tournament is a regular cricket competition. The majority of bookies will take bets on this sport. If you’re interested in learning how to turn your passion into a second source of money, we’ll show you how. Our website’s experts have chosen the top betting houses in Bangladesh for online cricket betting.

Not all big online cricket betting sites have yet to accept Bangladeshi gamblers. Some are hesitant to do so, owing to the country’s perplexing legal system, but more on that later. Nevertheless, many reliable international betting sites accept Bangladeshi sports gamblers.

Crickex Deposit Bonus – The Best Bonus for Bangladeshi Bettors

Nearly every single sports bettor is aware of the term Crickex. Crickex seems to be a very stable and safe betting site with a massive customer base, as one of the industry’s greatest powerhouses.

Even though it is currently one of the best online cricket betting sites, Crickex does not rest on its laurels and continues to improve its product and provide new bonuses.

Bangladesh Online Cricket Betting Site only with Best User Interface is Jeetwin

The Jeetwin betting platform may take some getting used to if you’re used to online betting services with a regular, traditional format. This is because this bookie’s homepage lacks a menu and instead organizes everything into distinct tabs, sections, and banners.

It also has a search function, which saves more space and is quite functional. All of this contributes to the site’s streamlined appearance, making it incredibly appealing to the eye.

MarvelBet- Bangladeshi Bettors’ Favorite In-Play Online Cricket Betting Site

MarvelBet has repeatedly demonstrated that it is the industry’s best online cricket betting site. When it concerns in-play soccer, kabaddi, cricket, and tennis betting, MarvelBet is at the top of the heap.

If that wasn’t enough, MarvelBet has a few more exclusive perks for its consumers. For example, users from Bangladesh can bet in Bangladeshi Taka and save currency conversion fees by using MarvelBet.

Is it legal to bet online in Bangladesh?

Things get a little problematic regarding the exact legal aspects of internet betting in Bangladesh. Although the wagering regulations in Bangladesh are a little hazy, several sportsbooks are nevertheless available to Bangladeshi customers.

Except for race tracks, where bets are only permitted on the day of the race; there have been no land-based casinos, legal wagering establishments, or bookmakers.

While local bookmakers and casinos are prohibited; international betting firms can give sports gambling odds to Bangladeshi punters.

Bangladeshi Taka Accepted Betting Sites

Few internet gambling sites take Bangladeshi Taka due to legal difficulties, but standard payment methods do; therefore, you can utilise Skrill to make your purchases.

There are, however, two fantastic sportsbooks that enable Bangladeshi bettors to generate personal bet slips without having to pay currency conversion fees. Both Crickex & Jeetwin support BDT and are, fortunately for our users, excellent online betting sites in general.

As you can see from the table before, either Crickex & Jeetwin have good introductory bonuses and offer competitive odds. Therefore, we recommend Crickex to Bangladeshi bettors who favour live betting. Furthermore, as a conglomerate of Crickex. Jeetwin has built a stellar reputation. This means that gamblers can make in-play bets, often known as live bets, in addition to accepting Bangladeshi Taka.

How Can I Bet on Websites That don’t Take Bangladeshi Taka?

Every bettor is searching over their definition of “perfect,” and with so few sportsbooks taking BDT deposits, it’s reasonable that bettors could seek particular other sportsbooks that meet all of their other requirements.

If you intend to wager on a site that doesn’t allow BDT deposits, the first thing to know is that you’ll have to pay currency exchange costs. Online betting sites that handle Indian Rupees or US Dollars are your best bets.

Online betting services that recognise Indian Rupees are likely to be the most accessible for most Bangladeshi gamblers.


There’s no doubt that cricket betting is the most popular online betting in Bangladesh. Cricket betting, particularly live cricket betting, is the talk of the town. We can’t blame Bangladeshi bettors for being so fascinated with it; there’s something distinctive about in-play cricket betting.

However, the main question is which online betting services are better for live game betting. Unfortunately, the term “best” is somewhat opinionated, and we don’t believe that any single online cricket betting site could suit the needs of every single bettor.

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