Which casino game is least risky using the martingale system?

Every betting strategy in use has been tested repeatedly by players and casinos. One of the eldest and most famous betting strategies is the Martingale System of betting. It originated in France in the 18th Century and has helped countless beginners. Every casino game has a specific risk of losing. If you are looking for the safest and best games to enjoy, continue reading below. Our first topic of discussion is the betting strategy. Are you a beginner? Do not worry, as we have the perfect strategy and low-risk casino games for you.

Martingale System: An Overview

It is one of the oldest and most famous betting strategies. Countless strategies have been derived from the said strategy over the years. Professional players have used this strategy to form their own strategies as their knowledge and experience increased. Always remember that the higher the risk, the higher the reward. And the martingale system makes sure that you are awarded a winning majority of the time. Now let’s make sure that you win your games against the casinos every so often.

Basics of the Martingale System Betting Strategy

The Martingale System follows a negative progression when you are losing. This means that you will have to keep increasing the value of your bets when losing. In this case, you will double the bet after every loss and return to the original wager after a win. You can repeat this cycle infinite times.

The system has a lower risk rate as you increase wagers in a losing streak. Make sure that you stick with bets that have high betting odds. Even money wagers that pay 1:1 are excellent for implementing this strategy, and their winning probabilities are 45% or higher. Here is an example of how you can implement this strategy for any game.

Example –

  • Place the minimum bet amount, say 5$.
  • If you win again, place a bet of the same amount, i.e., 5$. (-5$)
  • Did you lose? Double your bet and place a wager of 10$.
  • You lost again? Place a bet of 20$ this time. (-15$).
  • If you win, then the net winning is 5$.
  • Now place a bet of a minimum amount, i.e., 5$ again.

This way, you will be able to increase your winnings while recovering the losses steadily. Remember to start the wagers using minimum betting amounts only, and the strategy is less risky than many others that you can find anywhere.

Now, what casino games are available for you to implement this strategy? There are many casino games loved by people all over the globe. But for you to make the best use of this strategy, we have shared some of the best below.


Roulette is the game that professionals play most while using the Martingale System betting strategy. Charles Wells, a legendary gambler, won millions of francs in the 19th Century. There are two main reasons for roulette and the strategy to be involved.

Firstly, roulette games offer three different even money bets. They are 1-18/19-36, high/low, and red/black. This gives the bettors a better chance of winning against the odds. Also, with many different options to choose from, you can change your bets when the mood strikes.

Secondly, the primary strategy for playing roulette is to pick a high-paying game. French or European roulette games are the best choices, but you can avoid the American wheel. After you have picked the game, the only thing you can do is get your strategy involved.


Baccarat has a high win rate, making it perfect for implementing the Martingale strategy. The casino takes a 5% cut from the winning bets and holds a 1.06% house edge on the bets. The house edge is comparatively lower than most casino games, and you get 98.94% RTP. The high win rates and RTP make baccarat perfect for increasing your earnings using the martingale betting system.


Blackjack is a popular table card game. Also, it has the highest RTP of 99.68% payback covered here. But the frequency is lower than most games, with only a 42% winning chance. You can improve the chances by payouts, splits, double down, and adding the Martingale to the system.


The two popular crap bets are pass line and don’t pass line. Bettors get 98.59% and 98.64% RTP on their wagers. Increase your RTP with the odds. But remember that you can reach the maximum betting limit when on a losing streak. Make sure to implement the Martingale System properly.

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