Online betting proved to be an innovative way of betting as it removed the traditional bookmakers. This trend is prevailing the most in the South East Asia region, especially in Bangladesh and India. In this article, we will be informing you about the Baji Live review, mobile app & games. It is an online casino, cricket betting, as well as a platform with many other games. Baji Live Promotions give a wide range of deals that provide many benefits to the new users and existing users.

About Baji Live Bangladesh

In today’s modern world, different sports like cricket, wrestling, card games, casinos, slots, and many indoor table games are being played with different strategies. The online era of sports has made a very profound advancement in playing these games on a global level. Any person with a good internet connection can explore several games online.

Traditional gaming went up online. With the legalization of online betting; many organizations started creating online sites and applications that allowed people worldwide to get the immense experience of online betting on sports.

For the residents of both these countries, especially the people interested in betting, many online sites and apps have been developed. Among all the most popular sites and apps, one such online betting site is the baji Mobile App, the online portal for all cricket betting enthusiasts, and you can find more in baji games.

Therefore, there are benefits like welcome bonuses for the new users, referral bonuses to the existing users, deposit bonuses and many such offers. The Baji livecomes with an opportunity for the users to become an affiliate that can provide them with lifetime commissions from baji.

It is one of the most prevailing online betting sites in Bangladesh. We will be learning more in the detailed Baji live Review.

How to Register at Baji Live Bangladesh

The Baji99 is the platform for the people of Bangladesh to immerse themselves in online betting. The registration process of Baji99 is a very simplistic method. The process of registration begins with the setting up of an account on Baji99.

To operate Baji99, you need to create an account first. The steps to create the account are very easy, and it is a task of just a few minutes. Let us see how this can be done.

First of all, for operating Baji99 you need to be 18 years of age or above. This is due to age regulation. Teens below 18 years of age are not allowed. If you fulfil this condition, you may proceed to the next step. Log on to Baji99 or  download baji App.

Then, after logging in to the site or opening the baji app, select your currency and language. Now click on the button that says “sign up” and then “create account”. Enter the complete details now.

Create your account with a unique username, a password and some other personal details.

  • Your username should be unique and should contain 14 to 15 characters. It should be a combination of lower case letters and digits.
  • Now enter the password. The password should be containing alphanumeric characters, with the letters being user case and lower case. It should be between a range of 6-20 characters.
  • Now re enter your password.
  • After re entering your password, select your currency.
  • After the selection of your currency, enter your full name.
  • Then enter your phone number.
  • After entering your phone number, enter the email id.

Please note that the full name you entered should match your identification, and all the other details should be valid. If this is not kept in mind, you might fail to draw a withdrawal.

After this:

  1. Enter the referral code if any of your friends have invited you.
  2. Ignore this column of referral code if you do not have any referral code.
  3. After this; fill in the verification code of 4 digits that is shown on the screen.
  4. Click confirm.

That’s it! You are ready to go!

Baji Live Payments Methods

Let us now see how you can deposit your money in Baji99. Here we will learn about the Baji deposit methods. There are two available methods to make your deposits. The two methods to make Baji99 Deposit is bank and manual.

Deposit methods

First of all, log in to your Baji99 account. Then click on the deposit button. If you want to participate in any offer, you can select any offers available to you. If you do not select any offer, you will have no promotion or offer applied to your deposit by default.

Once you are done selecting the offers; your screen will display the available deposit channels for the offer. As for normal (no offer selected), Baji99 supports bKash, Nagad and Rocket deposit channels. These three payment gateways have similar deposit methods.

Click on the platform you want to use and select manual. Then enter your deposit amount, or you may choose to make a speed deposit. The Baji99 minimum deposit amount is 500, and the maximum is 5000. It is suggested to deposit an odd number of amounts like 501, 607 or 4001. This is done to make your transfer faster.

There you will be able to see baji’s account name and number. To make a successful money transfer, you need to login into your payment gateway account. Then choose a cash-out and take a screenshot after completing the transaction.

Please ensure that the transferred amount is the same as the deposited amount. After a successful transfer, fill in your account number and then your reference number. Then upload the transaction slip by clicking the upload receipt button. If, by mistake, you uploaded the wrong image, you do not need to worry.

You can click the reset receipt button and upload the receipt again. Finally, click on the deposit button. Then you will receive a notification saying that your deposit has been received and is being processed. Your balance will be updated upon a successful deposit. You can even contact their customer service if you have any query.

Withdraw methods

You can easily withdraw your deposit amount anytime you want as per your requirement. If you want, you can even withdraw the whole of your deposited amount. Do remember that a fee is charged upon withdrawing the deposited amount.

Mobile App & Games

The various games you can play as you download the baji App are:

  • Cricket (exchange, virtual and sportsbook)
  • Kabbadi
  • Live Casino
  • Slots
  • Lottery 6- Table

Baji Live Promotions and Bonuses

The following are the vouchers and promotions provided by Baji Live:

  • ৳99 First Deposit Bonus (1x Wagering)
  • Refer And Earn ৳100 Bonus
  • 5,000 Live Casino Reload Bonus
  • ৳5,000 Slots Reload Bonus
  • ৳10,000 Live Casino Deposit Match
  • Answer & Win ৳199 Bonus
  • ৳10,000 Premium Refund
  • ৳9,000 Slots Bonus
  • ৳10,000 Commission Rebate
  • Get Loss Refund & Bet On Live Casino
  • .70% Daily Rebate
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