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You can always approach us at Crictaka with your comments on our contact account. We are a vibrant community of cricket fans looking to answer your questions correctly and the right answers. You’re going to get thorough responses in real-time and potentially get your questions cleared up.


You will make complaints to us via email. Both emails will be answered within a defined timeline. However, we do hope that the emails will flow through the right guidelines. At Crictaka, we set up a regular infrastructure where spam emails are not registered. 

This system has been set up to work with real grievances and not be swamped with false or spam mails. Please add an acceptable topic to your email so that we can appreciate your concern and respond to it quickly. It would also support the complaint not to enter a junk mail archive.

You do not need to supply us with your personal information in your grievances or your bank details. We ensure that all the information you provide is kept safe and only shared with our support team. You don’t need to fret about any of your information being leaked online.

Remember that we take all concerns seriously and ensure that the issues are addressed as quickly as possible. However, we recommend checking our Terms and Conditions, About Us, and Privacy Policies before making a complaint to us. Several of the information on our site is provided in these documents.

Please note that we are a review platform that also offers advice on betting and finding the best betting operators. We do not encourage or affiliate betting operators listed on this website. So, if you have a dispute with any betting operator, we can’t have your grievances because we’re not the owner of any third-party betting operator.


Are you planning to list your sportsbooks? Have a peek at the list of instructions. If you do not meet these rules, you will not be eligible for review. Both promotional demands made without meeting the rules would be classified as spam. Know that we are a platform that gives true feedback.

After evaluating them in detail, we meet the criteria of the bookmakers. Most cricket bookmakers have struggled to follow our promotional requirements for some reason. 

Therefore, if you’re trying to get a review from us, make sure you have all the information and ask for improvements after the review is written.

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To make it simple, versatile, and comfortable for consumers to reach them, Crictaka provides a wide variety of communication channels. One of the most common and effective ways of contacting customer service is the live chat alternative. 

This choice is extremely useful since you can speak with a representative and get any problems you might have dealt with easily and quickly. Their live chat service is competent and knowledgeable, which ensures that they will work with any problems you can face. Also, their live chat members are open 24 hours a day.

You can contact us for article submission, advertising enquiries. please contact: