Counter-D’Alembert Cricket Betting Strategy

It is a fact that when you are betting on cricket, a simple and secure want to ensure a win is using a betting strategy. There are several cricket betting strategies, and all include different elements. One of the most famous betting market strategies is the Counter-D’Alembert Cricket Betting strategy. Apart from being designed in the 18th century, it became popular due to the simple possibility it offers of winning your bets on the next cricket match. It shares the same idea as the rest of finding a way to break the house edge. However, to understand the Counter-D’Alembert betting strategy, you first need to understand what D’Alembert betting strategy is. 

D’Alembert Cricket Betting Strategy:

When you find a simple cricket betting strategy, the name D’Alembert will always appear in your research. The major reason is that it is one of the simplest betting systems in the cricket betting industry. However, it is at the top of the chain, coming in second. This system directly involves the increase of stake, a form of negative progression. It comes after losing a bet and ensuring they decrease right after winning a bet. In D’Alembert Cricket Betting Strategy, the best increase is done slower than other strategies. However, the slow increase makes the likelihood of the stakes getting high less likely. It will make the strategy more advantageous on some level.

Counter-D’Alembert Cricket Betting:

The opposite algorithm of the D’Alembert Betting Strategy works for this strategy. However, it decreases the rate after each loss by one unit and increases when you enter. Remember that if you lose the first bet, the bet amount doesn’t change. You must be more prepared for the black streak by playing the Counter-D’Alembert Cricket Betting strategy.

Indeed, in this case, if you lose your bet, the size of the next bet decreases by one. In simple words, Counter-D’Alembert Betting strategy stipulates that every win increases and every loss decrease the size of your bet by a predetermined constant value.  

How did Counter-D’Alembert Cricket Betting Strategy Work?

The D’Alembert establish in the 18th century. It was develop by Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert. According to him, a coin flip could land on your desired side after some time. Depending on this, he develops a system where you start your betting with an initial wager, and every time you lose your bet, your increase the amount of your bet. Just like that, you decrease the size of your bet for each win. You start betting with $5 and lose, and your next bet will be double as $10.

On the other hand, if you win, your next bet remains constant at $5. When it comes to Counter-D’Alembert Cricket Betting, which is also famous as Contra-D’Alembert, as the name indicates, goes the other way. However, you get to increase the bet for the amount of the initial bet for every win and decrease it for every loss. 

Understand Counter-D’Alembert Cricket Betting Strategy:

It is a fact that you won’t win big with this strategy, but it is also an advantage that you won’t lose big. However, the greatest benefit of the Counter-D’Alembert Cricket Betting is that it protects your wallet, seeing that you are increasing on a win. It provides a great safety net even if your luck is not on your side. Additionally, if you play for a very long time, you can make big money with it. If you fall into a win-lose loop, you will constantly be on neutral grounds.

Therefore, even though the Counter-D’Alembert Betting strategy can increase your winnings, there are few conditions when it works against you. 

  • Let’s consider the use of this strategy as a very simple example. Imagine that your initial bet equals $10. While the constant you use to increase or lower the size of your bet will equal $5. However, the odds for the outcome are 2.00.
  • Your first bet will be $10, and you will win.
  • The second bet will be $5, and you will win.
  • Your third bet will be $20, and you will lose
  • The fourth bet will be $15, and you lose.
  • The fifth bet will be $10, and you will win. 
  • Some basic rules of this strategy are as follows. 
  • Choose your basic bet, that is, unit.
  • After every win, you have to increase the size of your bet by one unit.
  • After every loss, you have to lower the amount of your bet by one unit.


It is very famous as a positive progression strategy. It means that with the proper methods, you can increase your chances of winnings. Undeniably, Counter-D’Alembert Cricket Betting can be a very valuable tool in the right hands. This strategy is very easy to use. Even adding a few losses can easily erase with one big win.

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