Cricket Toss Prediction | Can We Predict the Match Toss

cricket toss prediction

Cricket Toss refers to flipping a coin in the air to determine which captain will be making a decision to bat or do the fielding at the start of the match. Tossing the coin in cricket is one of the main aspects of prediction when it comes to cricket.

Prior to the match begins, the captains of the respective teams check the quality of the pitch and the relevant factors. The tossing of the coin has got a special position in determining whose day it’s going to be.

Cricket Toss Prediction Strategy

Incorporation of the Cricket toss prediction strategy models is a necessary key point for the best model of cricket odds. For the bettors, who are pro at playing or are professionals. The toss is made and the result determines the relevant data.

Whatever the result for the cricket toss win prediction strategy comes; depending on that one can change the strategy of betting for the cricket match. If you could study the previous matches of the captain and their behaviour in scenarios of winning the toss, the result can help you turn the table in your favor.

The best captain will act and make a decision depending upon the different factors. Listed below are the components which help you decide to choose batting or bowling.

Exchange of sheets in team selection

This means that the captains see the opponent team for the very first time on the field and consider this as the key factor to make a choice of batting or bowling first. The composition of the team is the important part to be thought upon.

Bowling first is advantageous if the pitch of the field is wet. The various other factors follow to this point.

Apart from these, there are few teams who do not consider the above aspects for making a decision.

Heads or tails? Is this captain’s decision?

This decision is categorized into an event that comes under random occurrence; where both the captains have equal chances of winning the Cricket toss.

But then comes the famous theory into picture which says that the captain winning the toss, must give the advantage to the home and go for the right choice.

But the question here is it really advantageous or the Cricket toss is itself sufficient enough?

Is Batting First the Right Choice?

As per the records of 2019, in 22.5% of the games the teams who had the Cricket toss in their favor made a decision to bat first in the match, which clearly means that out of the four, it is one less.

The figure is much less as per our expectations.

Let’s have a look at some of the data given below to have a clear idea. How the decision is taken on the field and what to do in IPL Cricket toss prediction.

Team Percentage of choosing to bowl
Delhi Capitals62%
Chennai Super Kings75%
Sunrisers Hyderabad75%
Royal Challengers Bangalore80%
Kolkata Knight Riders80%
Kings XI Punjab80%

As per the data we can include that most of the teams are bowling first.

What can be the reason behind this?

The team which chooses to bat second knows the runs which need to be scored. Batting in the first place can be disadvantageous as the run made by the team becomes the score for hunting down.

According to the studies of T20, for the team which chooses to bat second in the night games can have the ball in their court, but if it is a game to be held in day-night, the team which chooses to bat first has been winning most of the time.

From all of the above study we can make an assumption that getting the Cricket toss on our side and having the option of making a choice gives up a slight advantage.

Optimizing Cricket Toss Prediction in Masking Cricket Match Predictions

After we have slight information on betting, let us build up a process of fetching the entire details for the predictions during the match.

It is difficult to price up the top matches and bet on them. 

A small improvement has been made upon the relevant studies regarding the studies of influence if the team wins the cricket toss.  

So if we are able to have the second guess successfully, which team will be winning the toss, then we j have the ball in our favour, we get an advantage with the prediction in toss  over the bookmakers in claiming a good price  than what it initially was.

For example, let us consider the team of Mumbai Indians. During the 2019 season, Rohoit Sharma won around 80% of the tosses.

If we consider that the team who is winning the match has the price of winning the best cricket toss prediction shortened as soon as the public comes to know who won the toss, then we can make assumptions that Mumbai Indians will be underpriced for most of the matches.

If Sharma is about to win 80% of the cricket toss, will the price of Mumbai Indians be shortened?

The answer is no, as it was one of the trends in the previous season, so the price was not much higher. But the main point here is that the team gets an edge in betting in the between.

This can also be applied to the other teams. If we talk about Virat Kholi, he is an amazing captain, but the rate of cricket toss prediction wins is comparatively low.

There might be chances where the team of Royal Challengers Bangalore get a “negative price” for the match.

The match of IPL starts pretty late, and the perks of going with the batting in the second position is that the team and the batting person who will have the ball will collect more moisture at different game locations. The moisture present at the pitch results that the bowlers present in the field will not be able to catch the ball properly, which directly implies that the batsman will not be able to hit because of the bad bowling.

Moreover, if we make a choice, batting in the second option might be a smart move in the matches which comprises these teams: Kolkata, Knight Riders, Kings XI Punjab, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Royal Challenger. According to the data, each side goes with the option of bowling at the first place in 80% of the matches held in 2019.


Making a bet on cricket is equal to having profits in betting. This is all about knowing about the information which is needed to determine these.

If we are successfully able to make correct predictions with the help of analysis we have from our data, we will be able to gain a slight advantage over the predictions that the  bookmakers will be making. The bookmakers might not have the relevant information, we can come up with the predictions which are superior.

We very well know the importance of having the cricket toss in your favor, and the team who is winning the toss is definitely having a bit of advantage no matter what decision it makes to bat or bowl first during the match.

Secondly, it becomes easy to convince the bookmakers to make adjustments with the price, considering the best cricket toss prediction strategy and the team winning the toss.

There are some captains who have records of having the toss in their favour. One should make wise decisions considering all the factors and data.