Watch the Match! 15 November 2023 Cricket World Cup Ticket Booking for the Thrilling Semi-Final

Tired of searching for how to make the cricket World Cup ticket booking? Are you ready to witness the thrill of the ICC World Cup nearing its conclusion?  This post is for you! Especially when Team India with an unbeaten winning, is the first to qualify for the semi-finals. If you are looking at How to Book tickets for the semi-final match on 15th November 2023? And Here is how cricket World Cup ticket booking can be done…

It is a proud moment for India that they have won 8 out of 8 games. India becomes the first team to qualify for the semi-final phase. Also, considering the point table, India is at the top position. According to this year’s format of the World Cup, India will be playing in Semi-Final 1 on 15th November, Wednesday. The location mentioned is at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The Indian cricket team competes with the team that secures the fourth place in the points table.

Though there are teams such as Pakistan, and New Zealand in the upcoming sort out, it would be a delightful experience to see which team would qualify and create interest among us.

So, here is how Cricket Lovers can try their luck by logging into which is the the official partner website for ICC ticket-booking. The alternate option can be trying through the ICC’s official website ticketing section. The ticket prices would start at Rs 5,000.

ICC Cricket World Cup Ticket Booking for 2023 Semi-Final Online Registration Link:

Hereby you have to register yourselves at the ICC’s Official Website before you can proceed buying tickets. For registration, kindly visit the ICC official website or click here

TheBCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) came up with an announcement regarding the Cricket World Cup ticket booking for the concluding phase matches, that is the Semi-Final and Final matches.

The most exciting 1st semi-final is on 15th November, the 2nd semi-final is on 16th November, and the most anticipated grand finale is on 19th November. According to the announcement from the BCCI, tickets will be made available from Thursday, 9th November, at 8:00 pm. Therefore, cricket enthusiasts and fans can reserve their seats by visiting the ICC official ticketing website:

Limitations for Cricket World Cup Ticket Booking

In order to reserve your seat for the ICC World Cup semi-final match, BookMyShow has provided instructions regarding the maximum number of tickets. A person can book up to a maximum of only 2 tickets for each transaction.

Cricket World Cup Ticket Booking Home Delivery

According to the BookMyShow guidelines, home delivery requests can be made for the tickets during the transaction. While booking the tickets it would show an option to select Home Delivery.

Those who book their tickets online (including international ticket holders) can collect their physical tickets from the box office in Wankede Stadium.

Offline Cricket World Cup Ticket Booking (or) Purchasing at Stadium

Unfortunately, there is no provision for buying the tickets offline from the stadium. The counters at the stadium will be functional only for the Ticket pickup, the tickets that were booked online, including the international ticket holders.

BookMyShow is the official ticket hosting partner. Hence it is recommended to buy tickets from here or else you could opt to buy from the official ICC Ticketing website.

Cricket World Cup Ticket Booking for Persons in Wheelchair

There have been a few unanswered questions like if a person is in a wheelchair and would require another person on their side to support or walk them through the reserved seat. In that case, will that person be allowed free of cost?

Though the situation demands help and needs for a person by side, unfortunately, the guidelines don’t accept free allowance. It is mandatory to purchase one more ticket for that person.

Cricket World Cup Ticket Booking follows the Queuing System

When there is a high demand, then you might be kept in a queue. So kindly read the below instructions carefully

  1. Customers have to log in to the portal via Remember to provide a working Email ID and Mobile number in order to receive the login details correctly. It is a mandatory step to be followed before proceeding with ticket booking.
  2. The ticket booking page follows the FCFS approach (First Come First Serve) so the customers who access the ticket booking page early will have earlier access and an advantage over others.
  3. Due to high demand, you might be kept on the waiting list till your chance arrives.
  4. Be attentive and remember that if you drop off in between the process, you are losing your place and within no time it will be occupied by someone else.
  5. The most important point you need to bear in mind is that waiting in the queue for a long time does not guarantee you a cricket World Cup ticket booking successfully. This might sound astonishing but this is a bitter fact. The portal runs on various other criteria.

So all that I would say is, to keep calm and hope for the best. As there are countless number of people waiting to book tickets as soon as the portal opens. According to the BCCI, the ticket booking will be made available from Thursday, November 9, 2023, at 8:00 pm.