How to choose Cricket betting odds at Crickex Bangladesh

Crickex helps you enjoy the game and Cricket betting with the best odds. We stand out from our competitors. Around 2.5 billion individuals watch cricket across the globe. Cricket betting has been growing with pace and is in the trend for all the cricket lovers out there. 

You can not only enjoy the match, but also make the most out of it by having profits on your table.

Cricket originated in the United Kingdom during the 19th Century. There are two teams, each of 11 players who compete in the game.

The user guide below helps you take a closer look at it. The article below helps you understand what is cricket betting odds and the bookmakers keep their price. Why to be a step away, when you can do it all by yourself.

Cricket betting odds- A guide for beginners

Cricket betting is a kind of gambling and is one of the most popular sports betting on cricket, this can help you earn a lot of profit. No matter if you are a novice or a pro, we will help you come up with the best betting which will help you achieve the maximum profits.

In the test matches, the cricket often witnesses the patience of the spectators around. Due to different situations or conditions such as weather, roster shape, and other factors the betting odds can vary significantly sometimes. Want to learn how to bet on cricket successfully. We have numerous cricket tips which will help you to get a better position for making the best choices. Crickex helps you enjoy cricket, and are user-friendly.

Our guide will discuss how cricket betting odds works and how you can improve your chances of betting success.

How cricket betting odds work?

We have experts or traders who work hard to catch all the insights on cricket. It becomes highly essential that you have all the information related to the match, the team nad the pitch before you make any prediction regarding the match,  A player who can take cricket odds on different tournaments. Lots of individuals have confusion when it comes to cricket betting odds. How do we define odds? 

Let’s take an example:

In an Ashes Test at Lords, England is playing Australia. The bookmark has priced the win of England at 3/1.

What do these odds present?

Let’s use the calculation mentioned below to determine the probability of winning in England. The example below will help you understand the Crickex odds more properly.


In the fractional odds, we will divide one by the two numbers. Followed by this it is multiplied by 100. We can conclude from the above calculation that the chance of winning is around 25% for England.

Now let us consider the situation where the research work has been completed by your side and you come to know that Australia’s top two wickets have fallen.

But according to the recent form, you have also derived insights that in the last ten Test innings, England has made over 350 runs.

With all of the data you have, you can come to a conclusion that England has a higher chance of winning. The assumption made by the bookmaker turns out to be false. This can be better termed as that you have got your value bet.

Value bet is defined as the wager where the chances of winning are much greater than what the bookmaker has to offer.

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How to understand Crickex Cricket Betting Odds

In 3 different ways, Crickex cricket betting odds can be noted. Let’s know about them in depth.

American Odd

These are Cricket betting odds which are written in whole numbers and have an indication of plus or negative ahead of them.

For example, let us consider.

Team A: +120

Team B: -140

The plus sign in front of team A indicates that it is an underdog, and an amount of $100 is needed to have the profit of the amount shown above.

The negative sign indicates the opposite of it. The individual needs to bet $100.

Fractional Odds

This Fractional odds are used mostly in the UK.

For example:15/1

This will be considered as you bet $1 to win $1.50.

Decimal Odds

These are easier to read. For example: say the outcome is 60%. You would do it as:

100%(total)/50%(this outcome)=2.0

For example, the probability to win is around 65%. The math behind this would look like: 100/65=1.54.

For every unit you bet, there will be a profit of 1.54 units

How to calculate cricket betting odds

In any of the sports, the candidates must have the value of online betting. In simpler words, the bets which will fetch you the maximum profits. The formula mentioned below helps you calculate the value:

Value+(Decimal Odds* The Assessed Probability)-1.

For example, let us consider a test game going on between Australia and New Zealand. The Crickex Cricket Bangladesh offers 3.00 to get a win for Australia.

By doing the study and research we gain insights that Australia has only 40% of winning the match. The question here is, does 3.0 is of any value for the betting?


For a bet to be considered worthy, the value must be above zero. In order to discover the best betting value, the player must have a good understanding of the game and how the betting odds are calculated. The player must be aware of the game taking place, the team, the shape of the team, and their performance in various tournaments.

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