Crickex Daily IPL 2024 Attendance Bonus

To make the ongoing season of IPL 2024 much more special for every cricket bettor, Crickex offers a daily attendance bonus to boost your funds. All you need to do is simply log into your Crickex account every day and promote your cricket betting journey to the next level by making a minimum deposit to participate in various contests.

You might be interested in grabbing this limited-term offer, but you need to be aware of the eligibility criteria and bonus amount offered for a particular number of days. By having a basic idea of how to participate in the daily attendance bonus program on Crickex, you can earn huge bonuses and rewards successfully.

A perfect combination of daily engagement and minimum deposit requirements not only sharpens your betting skills but also promises to enhance your enjoyment of IPL action every day by gradually providing a step-by-step practical experience. As a result, it helps you to analyze the team’s chances of winning in every IPL match.

How to Participate in Crickex IPL 2024 Daily Attendance Bonus?

You can benefit from the available exclusive free bonuses based on your loyalty with Crickex. All that you have to do is just simply log in to your Crickex account every day.

  • First and foremost, you must register yourself for a Crickex account.
  • Every day, you must log in to your cricket account using the credentials you have set while registering.
  • Also, you must deposit money and play games every day, which would count in your activeness with the platform.
  • To claim your highest prize amount, you will have to be active on the Crickex platform for one complete month.

How much Bonus will I receive? And for How many Days?

You can receive a bonus according to the number of days you are active. Although it starts from earning a minimum amount of ₹30 for 3 Days, Crickex Activity. However, if you are active on the platform for 1 month then, you could be eligible to earn the maximum amount of ₹200.

Active Number of DaysBonus Amount You Earn
3 Days₹30
10 Days₹70
15 Days₹100
20 Days₹130
25 Days₹150
30 Days₹200

Who is Eligible for Crickex Daily IPL Attendance Bonus 2024?

Every player who has a valid Crickex account is eligible for the Crickex Daily IPL Attendance Bonus 2024. However, earning rewards and bonuses requires eligibility for daily login and playing games to qualify.

What are the steps you should follow to successfully Earn Bonuses and Rewards?

  • You will have to make a minimum deposit for at least 1 time a day.
  • Before your withdrawal, a 1x wager requirement will be applied.
  • Also, you can use the bonus amount to play any game.
  • Most importantly, you cannot club this promotion along with any other promotional offer.
  • However, you are allowed to create only one account.
  • If you open multiple accounts on Crickex it will be considered a fraudulent account. As a result, you will be disqualified from the promotion and your remaining balance amount could be taken away, and your account shall be frozen.
  • However, you need to know that Crickex holds the right to modify, alter, discontinue, cancel, refuse or nullify this promotion without notice.
  • Remember to read and agree to the promotion terms of the Crickex daily attendance bonus before participating in the promotion.

Does the currently running Promotion “Crickex Daily IPL attendance Bonus 2024” have anything to contribute to IPL Team’s Winning?

No! This promotion of Crickex Daily IPL attendance Bonus 2024 has nothing to do with the IPL team’s performance. Whether the batsman or bowlers perform well or not, it doesn’t matter. Also, whether you are supporting your favourite Chennai Super Kings or Mumbai Indians, it doesn’t matter which IPL team are you supporting.

All that you have to do is to show up on the Crickex platform regularly and the rest is taken care of by the website. Also, there are plenty of other options to earn from the Crickex platform.

Is this the only IPL offer in Crickex?

No! There are many other IPL promotions other than this Daily IPL Attendance Bonus 2024. As the IPL season of 2024 is the most anticipated, cricket has launched many such promotions related to it.

But you need to make a note that you will be able to use only one promotion at a time. Therefore, you cannot club this promotion or use it along with other IPL-related promotions. In such case, the bonuses would be nullified, and you   be eligible for receiving any rewards.


As the daily attendance bonus is about to be completed within a few days due to its increased demand, it’s time to hurry up and register yourself on Crickex to be a part of this special program. Starting from ₹30 for beginners with a 3-day bonus for consistent login, Crickex motivates users by increasing the rewards with a maximum bonus of ₹200 for maintaining a one-month streak, thereby enhancing your engagement rate throughout the IPL season