Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

When Brick and Mortar casinos made a leap into the virtual gambling world. Many betting sites invented an attractive means to persuade players to join their platform; Online casino bonuses. With growing competition, the promotional offers became aggressive and a lot as well.

Ironically, these days, punters are the ones who are chasing behind the most flexible and realistic online casino bonuses. So, to help out our fellow players, today we will dive deep into different types of online casino bonuses.

Promo Code Bonus Offers

Benefits: Beginners as well as experienced punters.

Nowadays, many online casinos provide promotional codes which in return offers players some percentage of the discount. In contrast, some online casino even discloses the percentage on their main page.

You may not find this online casino bonus frequently like other offers. Moreover, some promo codes are private and only provided to users.

Sign-Up Bonus

Benefits: New players

In other words, the welcome bonus is usually provided to any new player after they register to a new online casino. The amount may vary and there is a catch to that as well. Some betting portal offers promotional offers only after you make the minimum deposit. Chances are the online casino bonus entails to double or even triples the first deposit.

For example, if you deposit $250, the house offers $250 as well.

No-Deposit Bonus

Benefits: Beginners

Although this is not a popular casino bonus, given every online casino is switching to deposit bonus only. There are few sites that offer a free welcome bonuses. However, here are few things you need to consider before sign up for the online casino Bonus.

  • Only register in reputable and trustworthy sites.
  • Read through the wagering requirement to avoid any confusions and possible traps.
  • Do not provide unnecessary verification for a promotional offer.

For e.g.: A site can offer $20 as their No Deposit bonus. Later, you will be asked to wager $250 or above to withdraw the winnings.

High Roller Bonus

Benefits: High Rollers, VIP Players

Every player has a limit to wagering in any online casino. Some enjoy the low indulge while others involve in high-risk deals and deposit large amounts frequently. No doubt, betting platforms love such players. Hence to keep them interesting varieties of online casino bonuses are offered. 

Loyalty Bonus

Benefits: High Rollers, VIP Players, Experienced players, Regular players.

Loyalty rewards or points are added to any player’s account based on their engagement. Like the name itself, the bonus is offered to players who don’t misuse available offers. Some online casinos even offer low rollover requirements; allowing players to take full benefits of the bonus.

If you enjoy playing casinos regularly, always make sure to join an online casino with a good loyalty program and bonus offers.

Free Spins

Benefits: Fans of Video Slots, Any players.

Free Spins are one of those too-good to be true offers. The spins provided by the online casino may vary from 10 to 100 or above. The majority of online casinos these days attach free spins in deposit bonuses as well.

In case of Free Spins, players may require to fulfill playthrough requirements or you may as well come across wager-less free Spins Bonus. Even a tiny buck brings a handsome payout, why not?

Referral Bonus

Benefits: Any Players

This online casino bonus can very well benefit any player, but there are requirements one must fill. Also known as the “Refer a Friend” Bonus the logic is very simple. If you introduce a new player to the casino site, as a reward the casino offers a bonus amount.

Most of the sites offer bonuses only to a referee. While there are few gems that offer bonuses to the one referring and being referred as well.

Reload Bonus

Benefits: Any Players

Offering, a welcome package, is not enough to players in long run. Hence, many online casinos offer to reload bonuses. This online casino bonus rewards players for their subsequent deposit either in a weekly or monthly basis.

Cashback Bonus

Benefits: Regular as well as casual players, High-rollers.

This particular online casino bonus is rewarded to help cover a certain percentage of loss. The percentage may vary, and the cashback is given on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Regular players or High rollers can make great use of this bonus.

Birthday Bonus.

Benefits: Long-term players.

If you have been playing in a casino for at least five months, then it might be time to claim your bonus amount. Many online casino offer birthday bash to their players after some minimum verification.


Online Casino Bonuses are a great opportunity to make free money, thus popularity. Bonuses may vary in different online, however, the niche is the same. To expand their users base and their experience in virtual gambling. So, don’t wait and collect your bonus and make the most out of it.

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