Dutch Betting Explained: How does it work?

Dutching is known as the shortened form of Dutch betting. It is simple to understand that the term has been originated in the Netherlands, but that is not the case. Rather, it comes from the other side of the Atlantic and is a particularly significant historical moment.

In the 1920s, notorious American mobster Arthur Flegenheimer developed the idea of dutching to get an edge on bookmakers at the racetrack. It is now an entirely legitimate and frequently-used betting technique and refers to the concept of backing more than one selection in such a way as to gain an equal return no matter which selection wins.

Tips and Tricks for Dutching Betting Strategy:

This section will provide tips and tricks that will come in handy when using the Dutch betting strategy.

Risk Management –

Managing your risk is vital if you don’t want to lose too much money on a losing streak. The best way to manage your risk is to place bets on multiple selections, increasing your chances of winning to 50%. You also need to bet on sports you understand better. If you have a gambling problem, consider using the national gambling helpline. It will connect you to someone that will help you engage in responsible gambling.

Compare Bookmakers –

Comparing bookmakers is a good call whether you want to apply the Dutch betting system. But if you’re going to place a Dutch bet, it helps you identify bookies that guarantee the best odds on a select event. That way, instead of making the same amount as your total stake in case of a win, you end up making a profit.

Pick the Right Games –

The first aspect you need to keep in mind when applying the Dutch betting system is picking suitable games. By now, you should know that only some sports are ideal for using Dutching for various reasons. For instance, some games may need more markets for Dutching. You also need to ensure you understand the games you choose to have an easy time researching and placing likely bets.

Game Analysis Is Not the Only Decisive Factor –

Game analysis is one of the main strategies for placing winning bets, but it is not the only decisive factor. Other factors that can significantly influence your bets include your chosen markets and the kind of odds the betting options bear. Refrain from being blinded by research that you forget the game you are betting on also matters.

Use Bonus Offers –

Always use bonus offers when necessary to save your bankroll. Matched bettors often go for bookies with a free bet offer. After all, matched betting allows you to place a bet without spending your actual cash. As a result, ensure you search for bookies with the best promotions.

Essential facts about Dutching:

Let’s look at the significant advantage first of all. Dutch betting allows you to manage the risk. Whatever happens, you can stand a good chance of winning the same amount without having too much on the line. You can have the entire control and enjoy the gaming experience without the looming tendency that you may lose a large amount of money.

One of the biggest advantages of dutching is that it can be pretty complicated. Dutch betting requires a good knowledge of numbers. So, anyone who does not count maths as one of their strong sides would be advised to tread cautiously. Hedge betting or even the cash-out option many bookmakers offer nowadays may be better for anyone looking to manage risk without getting into the complexities of dutching.

To find the appropriate costs to make your dealing selections return a profit, you are more supposed to look at those odds on a gambling exchange than on a sportsbook, where the bookies’ over-round is built into all the possible outputs of an event. On the contrary, the prices do not include any over-round, as you are betting against other bettors – though you have to factor in commissions on winning bets.


Generally, Dutching betting is one of the ideal strategies if you wish to spread your betting risk across different markets of the same events. The betting system allows you to take advantage of select markets by increasing your winning chances to more than 50%.

However, Dutch betting is not 100% foolproof like any other betting system. As a result, this read has provided you with the best strategies to apply when using the betting system. If you have read through keenly, you should know more about Dutching betting and tricks to perfect the technique.

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