Key Factors for Selecting Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Cricket betting is incomplete without cricket betting shops and platforms. It is a famous sport in
Asian countries, especially in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Enthusiastic cricket
bettors are optimistic because of the high betting odds and many variables in a match. But is
betting on cricket legal? Will you be in trouble if you bet on the active betting sites in Bangladesh? Which sites are the best for cricket bettors? How can you differentiate between two betting sites? Which sites accept Bangladeshi currency? Let’s find answers to these questions and more in the article below.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the most important question, i.e. is it legal to bet in Bangladesh? The
gambling laws of Bangladesh are based on the Public Gambling Act of 1867. According to the
laws, offline betting shops are not permitted to operate in the nation. Horse Racing, the Royal
Sport is an exception in the said laws. Also, bookmakers function on the day of races only and
accept bets. When it comes to cricket betting, online platforms do not fall under national laws.
This creates loopholes allowing Bangladeshi citizens to indulge in gambling. Now let’s have a
look at the top betting sites, key factors to choose a platform, and other important things.

Betting Sites in Bangladesh That Offer Highest Odds

  • Crickex
  • Jeetwin
  • Iccwin
  • Bet365
  • Parimatch

Cricket Betting Sites in Bangladesh – Factors

The criteria and basis of the selection are shared in detail below. These points will be beneficial
to you also when you are looking through different betting platforms. People often bet for
different reasons. While some want to enjoy their favorite game others might be generating
pocket cash using their extra income. We hope you will be mindful of online gambling and bet in
a safe environment only.


The main factor influencing the choice of betting sites in Bangladesh is user and site safety.
Firstly, the sites should have an SSL encryption certificate. An SSL encryption certificate
ensures that the website follows standard security protocols. Payment security is a priority as
loss of funds has the highest risk in online betting. One should make sure that the betting sites
use globally accepted payment methods. This is because widespread usage requires proper
maintenance which will ensure the site’s safety protocols.

Customer Service

Different gaming platforms have different user interfaces as well as betting steps. And it is
common for new users to take some time or have queries about bet placements. In such
situations having prompt customer service is a must. A good website always has a minimum of
three options, i.e. e-mail, live chat, and call options. Some sites also have extensive FAQs that
provide quick solutions to these common queries. You can check the reaction time and query
resolving time of a website using their ‘Contact Us’ section before registering. The quick
resolutions are extremely helpful during special matches like IPL.

Large Markets

Are you done checking the credibility and security of a website? Now it is time for checking the
markets that it offers. Cricket is a game with many variables and hence it offers a large number
of betting options. You can compare the betting markets of one site with another to determine
which offers the highest advantage to you. You can increase winning chances by diversifying
your bets. Old bookmarks have working professionals that develop new opportunities and great
odds for new as well as existing users.

Certification & Affiliation

Carefully analyze the certificates and affiliations of a betting site. You can find them in the ‘About
Us’ or ‘Terms & Conditions’ section. There are licensing authorities that monitor a website under
certain regulations and guidelines. These licenses help in defining the credibility of a site while
comparing it against the rest. They also ensure that the sites are valid and work under certain

Bonuses, Offers, and Promotions

The best way for bettors to earn extra income is to make use of the many bonuses and offers
that a site gives. Betting sites provide these offers in different forms like welcoming bonuses,
cashbacks, and other promotions. Bookmakers use these to attract new customers while also
retaining their old customers. Betting promotions are golden opportunities for bettors and
experienced players are always looking out for them.

We hope that these points are useful for you when you search for the best betting sites in
Bangladesh. Also, ensure that you are betting safely.

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