What Is Fantasy Cricket in Bangladesh? Complete Explanatory Guide

Fantasy cricket is the most popular online cricket in India. Find everything you need to know about the new form of cricket in this explanatory guide

Cricket is a game enjoyed by people globally. In the 20th century, the game was about watching intense matches. But the 21st century has seen tremendous progress in technology. One can now watch a game from their home without going to the stadium. People still love to watch live games as they can not find the sensation in online videos. The game genre has also evolved into a franchise. Many leagues and championships are happening worldwide. And new formats are introduced for fans’ entertainment and engagement. One such addition is the online fantasy cricket.

Are you wondering what fantasy cricket means? If you are in India, you must have heard this word before? Many gaming platforms like Dream11 mention it in their advertisements.

But how did fantasy sports become a thing in India? How has it affected the viewers and cricket enthusiasts? Are people taking a liking to it or rejecting it? What are the rules of this type of cricket? How do apps having fantasy sports work? Continue reading to find answers to all these questions and more.

Sporting apps and websites have become popular in the last decade in India. The new sporting industry has also made a solid base in countries like the UK and the USA. In fantasy sports, a user selects players for his team. He becomes the virtual team owner, and players participate in the virtual matches.

Introduction to Fantasy Cricket in India

India has the biggest fanbase of cricket globally. Sports play a special role in daily life of Indians. Kids can be seen playing cricket all day long in their day-offs. Even adults play cricket when they are free from work. The increasing demand has seen a change in the sorts industry also.

Sports have taken a new approach to entertaining people. New India is welcoming digital industries.

Fantasy sports are becoming popular at a fast pace. The game’s increasing popularity also led to the birth of new leagues. Cricket is the most popular game in India and neighboring nations. And Indians also love its digital fantasy counterpart.

The success of IPL, or the Indian Premier League, gave rise to the leagues for other sports. Let’s have a look at the history of fantasy cricket. Also, find interesting points about the new genre popular in India.

History of fantasy Cricket in India

Fantasy sports can be traced back to the 20th century. But the new world games entered India in 2003. ESPN and Joy Bhattacharya introduced the Super Selector game. It was an instant hit with a user poll of 5 million viewers.

Popular broadcast networks like BBC and Sky also launched their versions. But fans had to wait for almost a decade before enjoying the game again. Also, the increasing digital usage in India has made people more familiar with the game’s concept.

Concepts and Basics of Fantasy Cricket in India

Fantasy sports are digital or virtual games. These have different rules than the actual sport. The rules can also vary depending on the type of game one has selected. The selection of players is from the teams participating in a live match. Players are chosen depending on their performance in previous games. Also, their conditions affect how a user forms his team.

Basics of Fantasy Cricket

There are point systems in every digital fantasy platform. The stage for participation is different on different apps. But a few things remain same at every place. You can enjoy a fantasy game by following the steps below:

  • Register yourself on a fantasy gaming platform like Dream11.
  • Select the players you want in your team.
  • The selected players should be from playing 11 in a live match.
  • Points are awarded based on the selected player’s performances. Special awards are given for boundaries, wicket-hauls, etc.

Best Fantasy Cricket Applications in India

Fantasy sports are about playing a game virtually. You can enjoy the live match while earning extra money. Always make sure to use your dispensable income only. The games are legit and approved by the Indian government.    We have shortlisted the best platforms available for Indian users.

  • Dream11
  • Gamezy
  • MPL
  • Ballebaazi
  • Legend11

Now you are ready for your first fantasy game in India. We urge you to play responsibly. The games can be addicting and make you go bankrupt. Avoid such situations by playing calmly.

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