Five strategies a newbie in cricket betting Bangladesh should know

Cricket is undeniably the most engaging sport. It offers several different bets that you can easily combine into a single betting strategy. Although, strategies in cricket betting Bangladesh work by placing multiple types of bets into a single bet. Most people think they don’t know anything until they bet on the ball for the first time. Every experienced bettor knows there is a need for a good strategy to turn their bets into profit. Therefore, it is best to start betting on cricket by using one of the two main betting strategies, the mathematical and game-related ones.

Here are the top five strategies a Bangladeshi newbie in cricket betting should know.

Oscar’s Grind Strategy:

It is a variation of the Martingale strategy that has minor changes in the treatment of the bets. With Oscar’s Grind Strategy, you don’t need to increase your stakes after every lost bet. On the contrary, your bet amount will increase with every winning bet. However, the experts prefer that the initial bet be 2/ 12 of your cricket betting bankroll. To successfully play this strategy, you should also place your bets on outcomes with more than a 2.0 coefficient or 2/1 decimal odds. Don’t forget that you will need to double the size of your bet after every win. 

Danish System:

It is a very simple but very progressive cricket betting strategy. In this system, you must increase your stake by one unit and the odds by at least 0.5. For instance, you place a ₹100 bet on odds of 1.50. So, if you lose the bet, your next bet will be worth ₹ 200. In addition to this, you will be playing at odds of 2.0. If it is not your lucky day and you lose again, your subsequent bet will be $300 at odds of 2.5. It will continue until you win a bet; after that, the whole thing restarts. Mathematically, the Danish system has more potential to help you recover your past losses and bag a bigger profit as you also earn the progression benefit.

Dogon Betting:

It is a mathematical strategy that is commonly used. Dogon betting strategy is especially very famous among newbies in the cricket betting Bangladesh sphere. It is a rate-based system, meaning you need to increase the bet amount to cover all your previous losses. According to Dogon betting strategy, the amounts at stake should increase after every loss. However, the process continues until all the prior bets recover, and you will get your plan payouts.

Furthermore, it is a rather simple strategy that can bring short-term profitability. This strategy is linked with the distribution of your finances. Therefore, you need to be very careful when using this strategy. It can come in several forms, such as the standard Dogon or martingale, Classic Doodle, Progressive Doodle, Dubl Dogon, and many more. 

Martingale Strategy:

This betting strategy is a famous way to bet on cricket in Bangladesh. In the Martingale strategy, you need to increase your stakes gradually. Moreover, it is a mathematical variation of Dogon cricket betting Bangladesh. This strategy depends on increasing the bet each time you lose one. However, it can be the only choice when you need to minimize your money lost in the losing streak. So, if you lose, your next bet should be double the initial amount.

On the other hand, if you win, your next bet should equal the winning one. It is simple math, but choose cricket matches with odds more than 2.0. It is important because you place double stakes and need double wins. Martingale Strategy is the most frequently used strategy with over/under bets.

Flat Betting:

This betting strategy is very famous and depends on mathematics. There is no doubt about it that Flat Betting is perfect for newbies due to its simplicity. However, you will use flat bets equal to the same amount or percentage. Many cricket bettors usually play this strategy by specifying a percentage of the bankroll they will place with each bet. Remember that there are many flat betting strategies that you can use to profit from cricket matches. It will include static flat bets, Academic flat bets, Aggressive flat bets, chaotic flat bets, and many more. Undeniably, it is the best strategy for reducing the risks and leaving enough space for minor betting mistakes. That’s why flat bets are the best answer to how to win cricket bets if you are a newbie.


It is a fact that every cricket betting strategy has its characteristics and winning mechanisms. It will help if you dive deep into their logic. The five strategies in cricket betting Bangladesh are especially good for newbies. However, some of them are riskier but more profitable than others. 

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