Future of cricket look like according to Bangladeshi fans

Sports is the most popular form of entertainment and an important part of Bangladeshi culture. Among all, cricket is one of the most famous sports in Bangladesh, and they are the top 10 cricketing nations of the world. Bangladesh cricket team has regularly qualified for World Cup since 1999. So, the country gets arguably the greatest heights in this sport. However, cricket has significantly changed in Bangladesh over the past decade. 

The country’s national cricket team is one of those attempting to keep pace with it. In this article, you will know what the Future of cricket looks like according to Bangladeshi fans. This sport is now very fast, aggressive, and full of thrill. The Bangladeshi cricket team has become fit, strong, and fast, but it was not always like that. 

The drastic changes in Bangladeshi cricket have also become more popular among viewers. The online gambling industry of Bangladesh is now worth over 170 billion dollars. Many online betting companies now offer mega offers and bonuses on cricket, which makes this sport even more exciting. In the last few years, there have been the greatest changes in the game of Bangladesh due to better facilities. Now the players have more training facilities and a greater emphasis on fitness and diet.

Stricter Fitness and Nutrition Rules:

The new rule has made fitness and diet systems stickers. Cricket players need to visit the gym every day and do strict workouts. According to the BCB strength and conditioning Coach Abid Hossain, cricket players must sit in the gym for at least 5 hours and do three different workouts. The exercises in a must-do workout include strength and power, core, and flexibility. The Future of cricket looks, according to Bangladeshi fans, great.

Under the new rule, players also expect to follow strict diet plans. Now they are expected to eat just a balanced and healthy diet that consists of proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. 

Addition of BPL:

The addition of the BPL has greatly impacted the game of Bangladeshi players and the game of cricket. This tournament massively helps Bangladesh cricket. According to Bangladeshi fans, the Future of cricket looks secure and good. Apart from the youngsters, the international players from Bangladesh will also learn a lot from foreign coaches and their experience. Therefore, the BPL has been a hit among cricket fans in Bangladesh. This league has been a great breeding ground for developing domestic players in Bangladesh. 

Learning from foreign coaches and players can be a great experience for every youngster. So, the impact of BPL is not only on the present cricket of Bangladesh but also goes for the long run. With BPL, the Future of cricket in Bangladesh is much more secure. It is because it helps to find the best-hidden talent in the country.

Improve Cricket Infrastructure:

The cricket infrastructure in Bangladesh immensely improves over the past few years. Now, Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has six turf wickets. In addition, more at the BSS Hospital and Bangabandhu National Stadium of Bangladesh expects to be ready to see the action in March. However, there has also been an increase in artificial wickets. It helps more people to play cricket. Moreover, it also saves the surface at the premier cricket grounds. 

Fortunately, there is also an indoor cricket facility available in Bangladesh. The MA Aziz Stadium in Dhaka is the first indoor cricket stadium in Bangladesh, enhancing the game’s popularity. This facility provides coaching and nets to young players keen on the game. Additionally, you will see more stadiums with modern facilities now in Bangladesh.

Organize Coaching Workshops:

Despite improving the cricket infrastructure and having more coaching workshops, the BCB is also emphasizing the fitness aspect of the game. In addition, Bangladesh Cricket Board invites coaches who majorly focus on that aspect. There were two coaching workshops organized in 2017. However, one was conducted by former Indian cricket player Robin Singh. 

Australian fitness coach Trent Johnston conducted the second one. For the past few years, BCB frequently conducted a high-performing training camp for young cricket players from the country. Toby Radford was the coach of that high-performing team back in 2020.

Good Paychecks for Cricketers:

There is a good enhancement in the paychecks of Bangladeshi cricketers. Now they have been collecting bigger paychecks as compared to the past. However, the new central contract system came into effect on 10 March 2022. The BCB now pays the national cricket players of Bangladesh almost twice as much as in 2015 and 2016.


Cricket in Bangladesh has immensely changed in the past few years. However, all this change is good and for the game’s benefit. According to Bangladeshi fans, the future of cricket looks like it is now very secure and great. You can now find more turf wickets, artificial ones, and better coaching workshops. In addition, there are also bigger paychecks, and a great Bangladesh Premier League is included in the long list of improvements

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