Is It A Good or Bad Strategy to Always Bet on The Favourite?

Why do so many systems advise players to bet on the favourite, though? It is because it’s usually a good strategy. You should know that winning betting strategies exploit market inefficiencies and discrepancies. When it comes to favourites, there are quite a few. That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that betting on favourites is a great strategy or one that will guarantee you a win by any means.

Bet on your favourite game:

Once you have decided which type of betting fits your game plan, time to check out the parties involved; usually, a team is the ‘favourite’ for a reason. They have a better track record; they have stronger players; they got a new coach; their cheerleaders are louder, etc. Taking all of that into account, the bookie comes up with a betting line that would entice his customers. He has done that for a good strategy, too. The deciding factor for a bookie often has to do with the team’s consistency. Sometimes, the odds have nothing to do with how well the teams perform in general but with how well they play against each other.

Take the Patriots-Dolphins game, for example. These two teams have an ongoing rivalry and have been returning and forth for years. Overall, the Patriots have retained a higher ground. In 2019, New England shut out the Dolphins with a 43 – 0 score during their first encounter. The Patriots were the favourite in the second match with a (-17) spread. Many players made the obvious decision and went with New England. Bookies all over the world still liked those odds very much, though. Miami ended up canning the Patriots by three points.

What the bookmakers did here was to create an attractive line, so players who liked to bet on the favourites would pour in. There is one thing to keep in mind. The team who just won or lost would perform differently in the subsequent encounter against the same opponent. Well, unless it was the Cavaliers last season.

It might not be a good strategy for the long term, but there are still a few benefits to wagering on the favourite. Here are a few of the significant benefits that come with betting on the favourite

Why Should You Not Bet on Favourites?

Many experts think there are better ideas to bet on your favourite hoping for an instant return. Refrain from betting using your feelings, not knowing why you might win or lose. Eventually, your luck will turn, and you will end up losing your balance with all the profit that you have made. Gambling using luck is the worst strategy. The proper way to do it is to bet only on a positive value, not just look for odds.

Unfortunately, things are not black or white when it comes to betting on favourites. That said, there are a few key lessons and numbers that the research does give us. However, betting on the favourite is usually a good bet, but it is not a guaranteed win. Favourites with short-priced odds are generally better valued than those with long-priced odds. But you need to do your research and analytics.

What most punters and researchers have discovered is that betting on favourites might be a good strategy for the short term, but it needs to catch up in the long run. Some even refer to it as a strategy that allows you to ‘lose more slowly’. That said, losing slowly when picking the bookies by rating will still leave you a few steps ahead of many punters, so we are off to a good enough start. So, if you were looking for a definitive yes or no on favourites betting as a strategy, we are sorry to disappoint. With the correct information, you can still use this strategy and others to give you an advantage.

Other factors:

Most of the time, a betting line is created based on team powers and consistency. They rarely account for micro-influencers, like starting line-ups or minor injuries. If the coach decides to change quarterbacks right before a game due to an unexpected incident, that could affect the game’s outcome.

Since bookies cannot change their lines, you can take advantage of the small happenings and make a winning decision. It is a good idea to stay updated and keep up with sports news. You might stumble across something that could make you a little richer.


You should not shy away from or depend on either favourites or underdogs. Instead, focus on finding the most profitable and valuable bets. There is no good strategy, so find what suits and works for you.

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