How many times Bangladesh beat India in cricket?

The cricket match between India and Bangladesh has always been an attractive one. Both of these teams have been facing each other on international grounds for the last 31 years. Every time supporters got enormous joy witnessing the matches. Here we will know how many times Bangladesh beat India. If you are also interested to know, stick to this article.

Bangladesh vs India: International matches

India and Bangladesh have been facing each other on international grounds for so long. The first match between them was held in 1988. To date, both national cricket teams have met each other 55 times. Each of the games was exciting and charming enough. But if we talk about how many times Bangladesh beat India, then the answer will be only six times. India being their neighbouring country, beat them 49 times.

If we look at the first match between the nations, in 1988, India won that match by nine wickets, played in Chittagong, Bangladesh. So, from the beginning, the cricket team Bangladesh was not strong enough to compete with the Indian cricket team. But that does not minimise Bangladesh’s spirit of playing well. Although they won only six matches against India, all of these wins were special and memorable, and most of the Bangladeshi cricketers played very well.

Bangladesh vs India: Head-to-head

India is a dominant team compared to Bangladesh, and it is quite evident from the IND vs BAN head-to-head stats. Bangladesh beat India for the first time in the T20I series, while they are yet to beat India in the Test cricket format. This shows that Bangladesh has got a lot to improve when it comes to playing against the bigger players in the game.

IND vs BAN – Tests

Bangladesh acquired the status of a Test-playing nation in 2000, and India has played Bangladesh 9 times so far and won 9 times. But it is interesting to note that Bangladesh is yet to win a Test against India despite having played in the format for 19 years. Even in the last two matches of the Indian home series between the two teams, the Indian team leads by a score of 2-0.

Matches Played10
India Won10
Bangladesh Won00
India Win %100 %
Bangladesh Win %0 %
Draw %0 %
First Played onDecember 2000
Last played onDecember 2022


India and Bangladesh started their cricket matches against each other in the One Day International format, and by the time Bangladesh started playing cricket, India had won a World Cup. Therefore, it was natural for India to be dominant in the bilateral series and other matches. However, after 16 years, the Bangladesh cricket team tasted their first victory against India on 26 December 2004 at Dhaka.

In the 35 matches the two teams have played together, India has won 30 of them while Bangladesh beat India only five times. Also, in the last five games, India has led 5-0, which shows the dominance of India over Bangladesh.

Matches Played39
India Won31
Bangladesh Won07
No Result   00
India Win %85.71 %
Bangladesh Win %14.28 %
First Played onOctober 1988
Last played onDecember 2022

IND vs BAN – T20s

Bangladesh got the victory in its first match against India in the T20 format in Bangladesh vs India 2019 series. Before this, the closest they went to winning a match against India was in the 2016 Asia Cup on 23 March, where India won the game by one run. So far, India and Bangladesh have faced each other 11 times in T20I cricket, and India has won 10 of them.

Matches Played12
India Won11
Bangladesh Won01
No Result00
India Win %90.9%
Bangladesh Win %9.09 %
First Played onJune 2009
Last played onDec 2022

Overall Summary:

Bangladesh and India met face-to-face many times. Bangladesh beat India the least times. However, in the test matches, the highest run between the two teams was 687/6 during the Bangladesh tour of India in the year 2017. When it comes to ODIs, Bangla Tiger Shakib Al Hasan has taken 28 wickets from 21 matches, a milestone for Bangladesh. But if we look at most of the statistics, Bangladesh has yet to improve itself to win more games against India on the international cricket ground.

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