How to Win in Teen Patti – Tips from the Expert

Everyone wants to be a winner. There are various strategies for playing and winning the Teen Patti games. Here is a comprehensive guide to the various stats that can be adopted by players to raise their winnings in this game.

A study was done in Social and Behavioral Science in Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran showed playing had a significant role in learning in general. Either it’s a school project or just mastering a skill.

The same goes with Teen Patti, practice done through enough playing is the most important strategy. Like the famous quote from Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to master any skill.

Although this is not the only Teen Patti tip to increase your bankroll. Today we will discuss what you as a player can do to make the most while playing Teen Patti.

What is Winning?

Now the first thing is to understand what is winning in Teen Patti? Normally in many card games winning one hand after another is quite rewarding. But that is not the case with Teen Patti. Even the probability of you winning every hand is slim, it’s not impossible.

However, Teen Patti is more about pot money. Your goal should be maximizing the pot, when you finally have a solid hand, it’s time to win it all. I know it is easier said than done, but understanding the meaning behind wining is the first step in mastering the skill.

Clever Disguise

Card Games are all about that Poker face. For instance, You and your buddies are playing “seen” and imagine you have a great hand. You may look down on your card and bet big. This move will make your hand pretty obvious and your opponents will fold. Instead, if you call few rounds, it will keep the game rolling.

Most importantly no matter what you get, you should portray zero impression.

Playing Image

This is useful Teen Patti tip, that can come to your aid, whether you play with in-experienced opponents or skilled ones. Build an image, let’s say, you have a strong hand. You may have a habit of raising only after calling twice or raise after your opponent’s raise.

Players tend to pick up on that, so you can take this playing image to advantage by raising even when you don’t have a strong hand.

Playing Bluff

Being able to pull off a bluff is quite an achievement, but don’t make it regular. You should always know the right time to bluff a hand. Trying this singular approach to win the game will only bring you loss.

If you get a bad hand, fold and wait for a better opportunity once in a while.

Look and Learn

Information is a cardinal part of any game. So, don’t just focus on your hand, keep a close eye on the opponents’ playing strategies. Are they raising only during good hands? Follow it till the end to know what kind of cards they own.

This will help you develop a strategy if you are up against that player any time during the game.

For instance, you don’t have a good hand, so you end up folding. Now, is the time to keep your head in the game. Always stay focus in the game.

Switch Up

Recently we discussed about having an image. Well, sometimes, it’s better to have none at all. The idea is to keep switching between your styles. Sometimes you can play passively with a good hand, raise with a bad one and vice-versa. This will keep your opponents’ guessing while you get away with winning the pot.

Find the Fishes

While playing Teen Patti online, if you end up with less-skilled players. Then it’s your time to shine. Play as long as you can, but their lack of knowledge to your advantage.

Never Chase Loss

I can’t stress this tip enough. But NEVER, chase after losses, once you begin that, you lose your head in the game. Then, your opponents will take your state to their advantage. Furthermore, you can try new tips in the next hand with the intention to win the pot, not to avenge the past loss.

Body Language

Last but not least pay attention to the opponent’s body language if you are not playing online.

Shaking hands: Usually means a strong hand. This is mostly seen in experienced players.

Leaning back after betting also symbolizes a strong hand.

Looking way too long in their card: In case of strong hands, players won’t need to think much. But if they have lousy hand, it can take a while to develop a strategy.

If you are betting online, keep track of the player’s wagering style. These are few Teens Patti tips; you can use in your next game.

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