ICC Cricket world cup India 2023 Top 4 Prediction

The cricket ODI World Cup 2023 fever has already started spreading all over the world. 10 countries will be taking part in the ICC Cricket World Cup India which is going to be started from 5th October. This time, most of the teams have the potential to grab the trophy. The cricketing legends around the world have started predicting for the top 4.

The legends and their predictions:

Jacques Kallis:

Kallis, known for his exceptional all-around abilities and cricketing wisdom; has ignited fervent discussions among fans and experts alike with his predictions, adding an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming tournament. Kallis’ Picks for the ICC Cricket World Cup India 2023 Semi-Finalists:

India: Kallis recognizes India’s formidable ODI track record and their advantage of playing on home soil. He points to their strong batting lineup and quality bowling attack as key factors that position them as strong contenders for the semi-finals.

England: According to Kallis, England boasts a well-rounded team with a mix of seasoned veterans and emerging talent. Their recent successes in limited-overs cricket make them a formidable force; and Kallis expects them to make a compelling run in the tournament.

Australia: Kallis highlights Australia’s consistent performance history in international cricket and their experienced squad. He believes that Australia’s cricketing pedigree equips them with the potential to secure a spot in the top four.

South Africa: As a former South African cricketer, Kallis expresses optimism about his homeland’s prospects in the tournament. He points to South Africa’s historical success in major competitions and believes they have what it takes to secure a semi-final berth.

Kallis’ predictions have ignited fervent discussions among cricket enthusiasts as the ODI World Cup 2023 draws near.

Irfan Pathan:

As the tournament, slated to begin on October 5, 2023, in India, draws near, Pathan’s choices shed light on the shifting dynamics of cricket.

India: Unsurprisingly, Pathan, a former Indian cricket team member, placed India as his top pick. India boasts a formidable squad featuring both seasoned players and emerging talents. With a robust batting lineup, a potent bowling attack, and the leadership of Rohit Sharma, India stands out as a frontrunner.

South Africa: Pathan’s second choice was South Africa, known for its unpredictability and capacity to surprise opponents. The Proteas have a history of shining in ICC tournaments, and their skilled players make them a dark horse in the competition.

England: The 2019 ODI World Cup champions, England, secured a spot on Pathan’s list. Renowned for their aggressive and fearless white-ball cricket, England maintains a strong presence with explosive batsmen and quality bowlers.

Australia: Australia, with its rich cricketing legacy and consistent ICC performances, clinched the final spot in Pathan’s top four. Led by the dynamic Pat Cummins, Australia’s well-rounded squad excels in handling pressure situations.

Pathan’s choices provide a well-rounded representation of cricket powerhouses and past ICC champions. Nevertheless, the allure of the ICC Cricket World Cup India lies in its potential for unexpected outcomes; where any team can emerge victorious.

Aakash Chopra:

Chopra, in line with many cricket analysts; sees India as the top contender in the tournament, primarily because they will be playing on their home turf. He emphasized the historical trend where host teams have performed exceptionally well in the last three ICC Cricket World Cups, with Australia, England, and India winning in their respective countries.

Apart from the home advantage; Chopra highlighted India’s formidable position in world cricket; known for their past achievements and their ability to pose challenges to their opponents. He firmly stated that India deserved the tag of favorites.

Chopra also expressed his belief that Pakistan, led by Babar Azam, boasts a strong ODI side and will secure a spot in the semi-finals. Additionally, he named Australia and England as the other two teams likely to join India and Pakistan in the semi-finals.

While acknowledging the unpredictability of the World Cup, Chopra concluded that he would be somewhat surprised if these four teams did not make it to the semi-finals. The ICC Cricket World Cup India 2023 is set to kick off on October 5 at the Narendra Modi Stadium; with England facing New Zealand in the opening match, and the final is scheduled for November 19 at the same venue.


However, from all three predictions, it can be said that India has a great scope to win the title this time whereas England also is not so far from it. On the other hand, we must admit that Pakistan has a good-performing squad this time. So, the ICC Cricket World Cup India tournament 2023 is going to be an exciting one this time.