IND vs AUS CWC head-to-head stats: Interesting Battle for World Cup 2023 Finals

The intense clash between India and Australia ahead of the World Cup 2023 finals creates an adrenaline-filled moment for all fans. Every cricket fan would like to know about the IND vs AUS CWC head-to-head stats ahead of the final match. 

Especially after 20 years, this is the 2nd time that India and Australia will battle against each other in the finals to lift the World Cup trophy.

The ICC World Cup 2023 finals are set to take place grandly on 19th November 2023, with a seating capacity of 1,30,000 at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

Also, this is the 14th time, India and Australia will compete against each other in the World Cup. Furthermore, this enhances the excitement to know about the IND vs AUS CWC head-to-head stats.

IND vs AUS CWC head-to-head stats: Team with a dominating record in World Cup

Ahead of the World Cup 2023 finals, it would be curious for every cricket fan to know about the IND vs AUS CWC head-to-head stats.

IND vs AUS Battle for World Cup 2023 Finals

Surprisingly, Australia has been dominant against India in the World Cup with a record of 8-5.

1. IND vs AUS CWC 1983: Australia beat India by 162 runs

The first battle in the World Cup between these teams started with the domination of the Aussies.

Australia set a high target of 321 runs in 60 overs against India.

However, the Indian batsmen succumbed to the powerful bowling of the Aussies by scoring only 158 runs and lost all 10 wickets in 37.5 overs.

2. IND vs AUS CWC 1983: India won by 118 runs

The Australian batsmen failed to chase the target of 248 runs in 60 overs against India. The Indian batsmen scored 247-10 in 55.2 overs. Also, the Indian bowlers were successful in restricting Australia to 129-10 in 38.2 overs.

3. IND vs AUS CWC 1987: Australia won by 1 run

Chasing a target of 272 runs in 50 overs, the Indian batsmen scored 269-10 in 49.5 overs.

Moreover, Australian opener Geoff Marsh’s 110 runs from 141 balls, aided his team to post a huge total. 

Despite the fantastic half-centuries of Kris Srikkanth and Navjot Singh Sidhu, the Australian bowlers dominated by taking crucial wickets.

Unluckily, India fell short of 1 run and had to accept the defeat against the Aussies.

4. IND vs AUS CWC 1987: India won by 56 runs

Once again, India challenged Australia in this tournament by setting a huge target of 290 runs to chase within 50 overs.

The special half-centuries of Sunil Gavaskar, Dilip Vengsarkar, and Mohammad Azharuddin made Australia feel impossible to chase the huge target.

However, Australia could score only 233-10 in 49 overs. Additionally, Maninder Singh and Mohammad Azharuddin, each of them taking 3 wickets restricted Australia from chasing the target.

5. IND vs AUS CWC 1992: Australia won by 1 run

This is one of the interesting records revealed in the IND vs AUS CWC head-to-head stats.

Surprisingly, this was a repeat of the IND vs AUS CWC 1987 match. Australia once again won against India by just 1 run.

Kapil Dev and Manoj Prabhakar’s outstanding performances, each of them taking 3 wickets, prevented Australia from reaching a high total.

India restricted Australia to a considerable total of 237-9 in 50 overs. Dean Jones’s stunning performance of 90 runs from 108 balls along with David Boon’s 43 runs from 60 balls rescued Australia from the powerful bowling attack of the Indians.

Despite, Mohammad Azharuddin’s amazing performance of 93 runs from 102 balls, India was unsuccessful in chasing the target by a slight difference.

6. IND vs AUS CWC 1996: Australia beat India by 16 runs

Australian openers Mark Waugh (126 runs from 135 balls) and Mark Taylor ( 59 runs from 73 balls) steered Australia to a total of 258-10 in 50 overs.

Once again, India failed to chase the target despite the brilliant efforts of Sachin Tendulkar ( 90 runs from 84 balls) and Sanjay Manjrekar ( 62 runs from 91 balls).

India concluded the chase with a score of 242-10 in 48 overs.

7. IND vs AUS CWC 1999: Australia won by 77 runs

Australian opener Steve Waugh’s crucial performance of 83 runs from 99 balls during the super six matches, guided Australia to a total of 282-6 in 50 overs.

Ajay Jadeja with an unbeaten knock of 100 runs from 138 balls, could not help India succeed with the run chase.

Even, Robin Singh’s supportive performance of 75 runs from 94 balls couldn’t help his team with the chase as India reached a total of 205-10 in 48.2 overs.

Unfortunately, India had to undergo a hattrick of unsuccessful run chases against Australia in World Cups.

8. IND vs AUS CWC 2003: Australia won by 9 wickets

The Indian batsmen were unable to survive against the most challenging bowling of the Aussies.

India set a low target of 125-10 in 41.4 overs. However, the Australian batsmen chased the target comfortably by just losing a wicket.

Adam Gilchrist (48 runs from 61 balls) and Matthew Hayden ( 45 runs from 49 balls) comfortably guided the chase. Finally, Australia reached 128-1 in just 22.2 overs.

9. IND vs AUS CWC 2003 Finals: Australia won by 125 wickets

Australia reached a huge total of 359-2 in 50 overs during the finals with the fierce performance of their batsmen:

  1. Ricky Ponting: 140 runs from 121 balls
  2. Damien Martyn: 88 runs from 84 balls
  3. Adam Gilchrist: 57 runs from 48 balls

Virender Sehwag’s 82 runs from 81 balls and Rahul Dravid’s 47 runs from 57 balls proved to be unsupportive for their team to chase a huge target. Finally, India could only reach a total of 234-10 in 39.2 overs.

Once again, India failed to chase the target against Australia for the 6th time in World Cups.

Also, Australia won against India for the 7th time in the World Cup and became the 2nd team to lift the trophy as the unbeaten side.

10. IND vs AUS CWC 2011 Quarter Finals: India won by 5 wickets

Ultimately, the Indian cricket team under MS Dhoni’s captaincy was able to break the jinx that hunted the Indians since 1992. Also, the Indians were triumphant in avoiding another unsuccessful run chase against the Aussies in World Cups.

Australian skipper Ricky Ponting’s century of 104 runs from 118 balls guided his team to a secure total of 260-6 in 50 overs.

India successfully chased the target by scoring 261-5 in 47.4 overs. The crucial half-centuries of these Indian batsmen guided India to the semi-finals of the tournament:

  • Sachin Tendulkar: 53 runs from 68 balls
  • Gautam Gambhir: 50 runs from 64 balls
  • Yuvraj Singh: 57 runs from 65 balls

11. IND vs AUS CWC 2015 Semi Finals: Australia won by 95 runs

Australian skipper Steven Smith’s century of 105 runs from 93 balls proved to be threatening for Indian bowlers. Additionally, Aaron Finch’s supportive half-century of 81 runs from 116 balls steered Australia to 328-7 in 50 overs.

Indian skipper MS Dhoni’s half-century of 65 runs from 65 balls during the chase could not rescue his team to qualify for the finals.

Also, India had to experience the 7th unsuccessful run chase against Australia in World Cups.

12. IND vs AUS CWC 2019: India won by 36 runs

The magnificent batting from the Indian batsmen propelled India to post a total of 352-5 in 50 overs. This includes the brilliant contribution of Shikhar Dhawan’s century as well as the half-centuries from Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli

However, the Australian batsman was unable to chase the target by reaching a total of 316-10 in 50 overs.

13.  IND vs AUS CWC 2023: India won by 6 wickets

The Indian bowlers restricted Australia to a total of 199-10 in 49.3 overs.

The Australian bowlers proved to be scary by grabbing the 3 crucial wickets of Rohit Sharma, Shreyas Iyer, and Ishan Kishan.

At 2-3 in 1.6 overs, the Indians were in jeopardy of experiencing another unsuccessful run chase against the Aussies.

The crucial partnership of 165 runs between Virat Kohli and KL Rahul guided India safely to the winning total.

India reached 201 runs in 41.2 overs, recording their 2nd successful run chase against Australia in World Cups.

14.  IND vs AUS CWC 2023 Finals: TBD

Concluding with the IND vs AUS CWC head-to-head stats, it would be a tough challenge for both teams to lift the World Cup 2023 trophy.

After scrutinizing the  IND vs AUS CWC head-to-head stats, many questions arise among cricket fans such as:

  • Can Australia continue its dominating record by defeating the unbeaten side of this tournament?
  • Which team will lift the ICC World Cup 2023 trophy?
  • Is the CWC 2023 final a repeat or revenge moment of the World Cup 2003 Finals?
  • Can India defeat Australia to win their 3rd World Cup title as the unbeaten side?
  • Is it possible for Australia to continue their winning streak to achieve their 6th World Cup winning title?