Which IPL Team Has Most Fans?

The Chennai Super Kings have more fans on social media and in life than any other IPL franchise. Fans of the Men in Yellow number in tens of millions with other less popular franchises following closely.

IPL cricket would have been a boring experience overall if not for the show of love from countless fans online and offline. Fans contribute so much to the cricket spectacle, and franchises do all they can to retain supporters for their teams.

IPL teams would have had a difficult time in 2020 and 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic without fans. Supporters of IPL teams could not be at games in person due to several restrictions. Social media provided a perfect opportunity to connect with IPL teams even if they played games behind closed doors.

Every IPL team has a thriving social media presence, but fans always want to know which team has more supporters overall. Let’s see more info on the IPL team with the most fans and other franchises with considerably massive supporter numbers.

Which IPL Team Has the Most Fans?

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have more supporters than any other IPL franchise. Supporters of CSK are over 30 million with many of these fans supporting the team because of MS Dhoni’s dominant spell as skipper.

MS Dhoni was the go-to skipper whenever CSK needed an IPL championship. His strong 200+ game spell earned the Super Kings three IPL titles. The franchise currently has 33+ million fans across its social media pages and handles.

Other Teams with Massive Fan Base

Mumbai Indians – Darling club of Indians and foreign cricket fans with a historical lineup of top stars; has over 31 million fans

Royal Challengers Bangalore – big spenders with top cricketers from India and overseas; over 26 million fans

Kolkata Knight Riders – associated with Shah Rukh Khan and has a star-studded lineup of top cricketers; currently has over 25 million fans on social media

Top 5 IPL Teams with Highest Social Media Following

IPL TeamTwitterFacebookInstagram
Chennai Super Kings8.7m12.6m10.5m
Royal Challengers Bangalore5.9m9.5m9.1m
Mumbai Indians7.6m13.2m10.3m
Kolkata Knight Riders5m16.2m3.4m
Punjab Kings2.9m8.5m2.8m

Why Do IPL Teams Have Millions of Fans on Social Media?

IPL franchises have connected with fans since inception, but the emergence of social media provided more options. These teams build fan clubs and supporting accounts to link up with fans across social media platforms.

IPL teams also connect with fans worldwide through their social media pages to provide:

  • Official statements,
  • Minor and major team news,
  • Auction details,
  • Injury reports,
  • Team announcements,
  • New signatures, and so on.

Some IPL teams also provide live scores, match reports, and other vital information to fans across their social media pages. The easy access to information from these IPL teams endears them to millions of fans in India and abroad.


Which IPL team has the most fans in the world?

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) are the two IPL teams with the most fans worldwide. These teams owe their huge fan following to star-studded lineups and a vibrant presence across social media platforms.

Which is the most popular team in IPL on social media?

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is the IPL’s most popular franchise on social media. The team currently has a massive following and is almost as popular as football clubs like Real Madrid or Chelsea.

Who is the best IPL captain in the awards rankings?

Rohit Sharma is the current best captain ever to play IPL games. The skipper has higher individual awards than many other captains to have ever featured in the franchise.

Which are Asia’s most popular IPL teams?

The Mumbai Indians (MI), Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are currently Asia’s most popular IPL teams. These teams draw the bulk of their following from India and other cricket-loving nations like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and so on. The three teams also rank high among the most popular sports team rankings in Asia

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