Is Online Gambling Legal in Bangladesh?

The Gambling law in Bangladesh dates back to the era of British rule. Their law is based on the Public Gambling Law of 1867 which was first developed as a law for Indian gambling and was inherited from Pakistan. Several reforms have been carried out to allow certain lots to explain prize bonds, not gaming. Also, the law imposed a 21% levy on bookmakers and horse racing operators. 

The land rule imposes up to a month in jail and a nominal fine of 100 takas (USD 1.25) for the penalty of getting gambling brought in. There was a movement about a decade ago to lift the fine to 5000 Taka. This never happened, and the rule is still applicable selectively. This is notwithstanding the fact that “the State shall strive to prevent gambling and prostitution,” says our constitution.

Bangladesh Gambling Law – Quick Overview

Bangladesh, being the second most populated Islamic nation, doesn’t permit gambling except that on horse racing. But, you may not find it uncommon among people. Betting on sports like cricket, carrom, kabaddi, and other sports as well.  While the Bangladesh Gambling Act has undergone some amendments over the decades. All online gambling operations in Bangladesh are still illegal.

On the territories of the government, no gambling firms should be set up. Bangladesh’s gaming legislation is almost as confusing as it is in many other countries. But gambling is considered to be illegal. But, according to the online gambling laws in Bangladesh, completely legal to ride horses. This sport can’t be played without betting, and as many Islamic nations enjoy the Kings’ sport, they’ve paid for it. In Bangladeshi law, online gaming produces several loopholes. So they don’t work in Bangladesh and are therefore not protected by its rules.

History of Gambling in Bangladesh

However, many Bangladeshis do not take into account the potential fines for different gambling practices such as betting and making bets on the performance of certain games. The Bangladeshi have inherited the law since it was a British colony, and have continued to use this law ever since they became official from Pakistan in 1973. 

Bangladesh’s government will possibly amend the Bangladesh Gambling laws because of their faith. There are several casino sites, however, that welcome Bangladeshi players and offer them the chance to spend real money online.

As if it were to dispel rather than to discourage non-halal conduct, the notion that the country denied the Sunnah. This is ironic in several respects for a country that is more than 90% Islamic and renovated in 2011. The reality remains nonetheless – and will continue to gamble Bangladeshi citizens.

In June 1974, prize bonds were issued by the government at the rate of 10 takas each. In 1985 they soared to 50 Taka bonds and in 1995 to 100 Taka per bond. These are carrier tools owned by the user and are open to cash redemption. 

This is government debt and any bond is issued by the Bangladesh Central Bank (Bangladesh Bank). It costs no interest and takes place every three months instead of a painting. Those that possess the number of bonds earn the award.

Online Betting from Bangladesh

The popularity of online betting in Bangladesh only recently. Our players use international websites. These are allowed elsewhere in the country, for example in the UK. One of the most popular websites is, authorized in the United Kingdom. Bet365 is owned by the same family controlling the Stoke City FC football group, the English Premier League.

Not every play-grounds are accessible to Bangladeshi teams. That is mostly because of the uncertainty about betting rules. But also because many of them concentrate on countries that play online, like many European, Australian, and Canadian sites. Online betting in Bangladesh is popular. Nevertheless, some sites make Bangladeshi matches, and two of these are best below.

1. Crickex

Crickex is growing rapidly and becoming one of the favorite betting platform. Since there are few Indian & Bangladeshi betting exchanges. Among the several operators, Crickex exchange betting platform can stand out. It comes with the advantage of accepting both INR & BDT and has a nice Graphic User Inference that makes it a perfect Indian & Bangladeshi audience.

Crickex provides odds for many cricket matches and the site has a good quality of customer support.

2. Betway 

Betway has been in the market for a long time. But lately, when it comes to betting they have only wanted to extend beyond Europe. It has extended its range of cricket bets, allowing cricket-mad nations such as Bangladesh and India. 

Betway is a really strong cricket betting bookmaker and helps players in Bangladesh to bet now as well.

3. Bet365 

One of the world’s greatest betting places, the Bet365 home to live to bet, with the best play markets anywhere. Bet365 is the home of live betting. These are available in cricket and most other games, so you can bet on the winner during the game. Users can also cash any winning bets or reduce their losses on any losers’ bets.

 Bet365 offers an important matching deposit incentive, which can be accessed by any potential users of the website. But this bonus has a very high play-through rate.

4. Funbet 

Funbet, which opened only its virtual doors in July 2020, is one of the newest in the industry. The first company to bet on sports, which has a strong grip on online casino gambling with casinos including CasinoCruise, Sloty, and Genesis Casino, owned and run by Genesis Global Limited.

While just quite new, Funbet has lots of experience and always provides a decent sportsbook that can be improved but should be considered for its strong odds and healthy games. This new bookmaker here is a closer look at us.

Casino gambling in Bangladesh

In a Bangladesh casino gambling online. The player can win real money in the second-largest Islamic country, despite the extreme restrictions. Mobile courts have also recently been launched at cricket stadiums to prosecute the fans of gambling. However, Bangladesh gamblers will remain healthy thanks to web technology when playing the best online casino.

Because of the abundance of casino sites in Bangladesh, it’s necessary to learn how to select the right gambling platform. When selecting the Bangladeshi casino gambling online, several things need to be recalled.

As real money (i.e. BDT) deposits are accepted at an online casino in Bangladesh. For example, you have to pick the right way for payment. Besides, Bangladesh has restrictive laws in effect when it comes to online gaming which you should know when playing on the internet.

Online casinos have recently risen to fame in Bangladesh. This is partly explained by improving internet connectivity that allows locals to freely access friendly online casinos in Bangladesh. Therefore, Bangladesh players have to only find a convenient casino website on the Internet if they want to play blackjack, roulette, or online slots.

Future of Online Gambling in Bangladesh

For Bangladeshi web players, the future offers many exciting opportunities. The consistency of the web gaming environment that local players have access to will improve with new technology joining the market. 

As Bangladesh Internet users benefit from many new methods of web payment per year. It is highly probable that BDT is adopted more frequently in the online casino market. Bangladesh gaming site is also commonly selling mobile casino deals for mobile slots.

This web gaming is very popular among players in many countries of the world. Among them Bangladesh, thanks to its ease of reaching millions when you walk down the road or travel by car.

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