Is Sehwag Being Arrogant after Winning WC 2011?

Many cricket fans and players have come out to criticize Virender Sehwag for his recent comments. Some commentators believe winning WC 2011 is a major reason why Sehwag has given off an arrogant attitude in recent years.

There are many sides to this suggestion from different quarters, and it’s only fair to take a look at them all. Let’s check out some of the reasons why fans and players of cricket believe Virender Sehwag has become arrogant after winning WC 2011.

What May Be the Reason Behind Fans Thinking Sehwag is Arrogant?

Fallout from Sehwag – Dhoni Rift

Virender Sehwag and Mahendra Singh Dhoni have been in the news for years over a possible rift. It all began in the leadup to WC 2007 when Virender Sehwag was all certain to replace Rahul Dravid as team captain. However, some unforeseen factors took away Sehwag’s coveted position, handing the skipper’s role to Dhoni.

MS Dhoni has been a darling of fans since his rise to fame. As one of India’s top cricketers, Dhoni’s adulations have spanned several decades, unlike the attention given to Sehwag. Virender’s comments about other player performances.

Many Dhoni fans dislike Sehwag for his conduct during the rift and believe his arrogance far outweighs any on-pitch performances he recorded.

Responses to comments from other players

Former cricketer VVS Laxman once referred to Sehwag as a ‘part-time bowler’, angering Virender and prompting a response. Commentators believe Sehwag’s conduct as a commentator makes other co-pundits uncomfortable and he should learn to enlighten and entertain the audience without controversy.   

Personal admiration

Sehwag was a dynamic batter during his active career, but fans believe he’s so arrogant because he can’t stop talking about himself. Many fans believe he mentions too many of his stats during commentary and many are irked by such behavior. Some fans jokingly add that he may be the only player cricket fans remember whenever stats are mentioned because he talks about his numbers too many times.

Why Do Fans Think Virender Has Become Arrogant after Winning WC 2011?

On-field performances

Virender Sehwag may not be the best commentator, but his on-field performances make up for any perceived slip-ups. He is one of India’s most decorated players of all time and holds several top records to his name. Some of Virender’s top records include:

  1. 1000 runs, 50 wickets and 50 catches – One-Day Internationals
  2. 99 not out (and 199, 299, etc.) (99*) – One-Day Internationals
  3. Fifties in consecutive matches (11) – Test cricket
  4. Most catches by a substitute in a match (4) – Test cricket
  5. Hundred and a duck in a match – Test cricket
  6. Most catches in a match (6) – Test cricket
  7. Fastest to 7000 runs (134) – Test cricket
  8. Most fours in an innings (25) – One-Day Internationals
  9. 5000 runs and 50 fielding dismissals – One-Day Internationals
  10. Most fours in an innings (47) – Test cricket
  11. 3rd most runs in a day (284) – Test cricket
  12. Most fours in career (2408) – Combined Test, ODI and T20I records
  13. Best strike rate in an innings (4.2) – One-Day Internationals
  14. Most hundreds against one team (6) – One-Day Internationals
  15. Carrying bat through a completed innings (201*) – Test cricket
  16. Most hundreds on debut (105) – Test cricket
  17. Highest partnership for the first wicket (410) – Test cricket
  18. Most nineties in career (11) – Combined Test, ODI and T20I records
  19. 5000 runs and 50 fielding dismissals – Test cricket
  20. Most runs in an innings by a captain (219) – One-Day Internationals
  21. Opening the batting and bowling in the same match – One-Day Internationals
  22. Most triple hundreds in a career (2) – Test cricket
  23. Opening the batting and bowling in the same match – Test cricket
  24. Outstanding bowling analyses in an innings (4/6) – One-Day Internationals

With over 20 records to his name, it’s no wonder why Virender Sehwag brags about achievements whenever he can. He remains one of India’s best players, and rightly so, earns enough points to brag as he likes.

Teams played for

Apart from featuring for India, Virender Sehwag played for top cricket teams throughout his career. Some of the teams he featured for while in active cricket (from 1999 to 2013) include:

  • India
  • Asia XI
  • Delhi
  • ICC World XI
  • Rajasthan Cricket Association President’s XI
  • Punjab Kings
  • Leicestershire
  • Marylebone Cricket Club
  • Delhi Daredevils

Some fans believe experience and achievements gathered from these teams make Virender Sehwag brag whenever he has the chance.

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