What Is Live Betting? | In-Play and In-Game Betting Explained

What are you thinking about? Is it how the lockdown years did not give you enough chances to earn higher income from sports bets? Do not worry if you are thinking about that as today we bring you something exciting. Many of you might have heard about live betting before. But if you haven’t then you are in luck as we will be discussing in-game and in-play betting in detail.

Starting with the definition of live betting, what is the first thing that comes to mind? That it is a form of wager where bets are placed as the match progresses. This also allows viewers to place bets throughout the games. Bettors are no longer tied to place bets only at the starting. Let’s have a deep look into both in-play betting and in-game betting.

Live Betting: In-play Betting

In-play betting is a new development where bets are placed during the game as the match progresses. COVID-19 left many games unsettled with no guarantee that a match cannot be canceled at the last moment. It follows fast-paced betting as the odds and outcomes can change anytime. Some key points to note about in-play betting are:

  • Live betting or in-play betting has started gaining popularity after the pandemic.
  • The betting odds are decided by bookmakers who have a person, team, or computer working to calculate the different scenarios.
  • It has expanded the number of things to bet on as the match progresses. Also, the frequency of betting has increased with ever-changing odds.
  • The strategies used by traditional gamblers are also changing as most of them follow a steady pace. But, in-play betting requires dynamic strategies and bold decisions from the players.
  • In-play betting gives people a range of options with betting odds to choose from. This can include things like the number of goals scored by a player to runs scored by a batsman.
  • Live betting is legal in many countries as most bookmakers are available online. Online gambling and betting organizations do not fall under land-based laws. This gives the users the freedom to play from anywhere.

Strategies for In-play Betting:

  1. Do thorough research about the game, teams, and location. Put some time and look into the pre-game wagers to get an idea of the game.
  2. Keep your attention solely on the game and do not waver away from it. Look closely for factors that can affect the expected outcome of the game.
  3. The underdogs can also surprise you sometimes. If you are not sure why the favorite team is losing then keep your eyes steady to find the reason. Always make a plan or strategy for the game.

Live Betting: In-game Betting

Are you ready to take advantage of every opportunity that you get? Are you ready to earn some more with the help of new in-game bets that are becoming popular? You will need to know more about them then.

Like every other industry, the gambling industry is also seeing some changes. Firstly, bettors are preferring online legal gambling and betting platforms instead of unofficial ones. As gambling is banned in most nations of the world, the legal online betting industry has been booming.

If you want to take the highest advantage and earn big then the in-game bets are for you. Bookmakers offer money lines, numerous spreads, half bets, quarter bets, and some prop bets.       The betting odds are decided by bookmakers depending on the game’s and playing team’s popularity. Different sites offer different betting options like they can allow bettors to place bets for the next goal. Let’s have a look at how the payouts work for the in-game bets.

  • The payouts are more attractive than the normal pre-match bets. E.g. in a cricket match between India and Pakistan, the bet is that India will win by 7 wickets. If you place a bet on this outcome and win then you are sure to win big.
  • Many sites are always competing to get more users and increase their results. As a result of the fierce competition, the betting odds given prove more useful for the bettors.
  • You can find sporting contests going on everywhere these days and as such make use of many in-game betting options.


We hope that this information is helpful to you. Are you wondering where to find the best and most legit information related to betting? You can always count on us for the same. It is advisable to always follow a strategy before you indulge in multiple live betting.

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