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Live Dragon Tiger is a heart-throbbing popular game among casino lovers. It is one of the easiest casino games to win and even easier to bet on. If you have ever been a player of Live Baccarat, the game will be easier to understand. The game revolves around two cards – the Dragon and the Tiger and hence the name. The game is built over traditional Asian oriental elements to reflect on its origin and heritage.

Live Online Dragon Tiger Gameplay

With simple and quick rounds each taking not more than 25 seconds to complete, the game is perfect for amateurs and pro players. In the end, whoever has the higher score will win the game. It is in fact one of the best games to start your online gambling journey. The game was released in 2018 and since then has been drawing a phenomenal crowd towards itself. Live Online Dragon Tiger is immensely popular among the Asian audience and the mother brand of the game is Evolution Gaming.

The game does not involve technical complications. It starts with a deck of 8 cards. The dealer needs to draw 2 cards from the deck preferably the ones that are on offer. The first move of the game is to place one of these cards on the table’s Tiger side and the other card on the Dragon side. Players have to bet on which side card will rank higher – whether the dragon or the tiger. If the side they bet on actually gains the higher rank, they win the game and get the money. The game is also a favourite of many because there aren’t any bookmakers’ margins in this game.

The Tie or optional side bet is a great opportunity for the players in this game. If the player places a Tie bet, the casino will return half of the player’s original bet. The cards being in the same suit will yield a 50:1 return. If a player is seasoned enough, they can quite earn the maximum profit from this strategy. When it comes to winning possibilities, the Dragon and Tiger win probability is 42.26%. You might be wondering why it isn’t a 50% probability. Well, that is because of the Tue.

Live Online Dragon Tiger – What You Need to Know?

Dragon Tiger has got the easiest strategies; you will literally learn the game in no time. The game’s simplicity is ideal. There are just 4 steps to play and win. Simply adjust your bet amount on the Dragon Tiger table. Either bet on the tiger or the dragon or the tie. Now wait for the online dealer to deal one card each to the dragon and the tiger. It is now time for the outcome. If your chosen card has a higher value, you win the game. In the game, the highest-valued card wins the game regardless of the suit. The ace is ranked the lowest and the King at the highest just like normal card ranking.

Side bets or placing bets on ties is considered a very charming trick by some players. But in reality, it hardly works. You can place side bets – that is bets on ties just for fun and excitement, but that is not an ideal way to proceed. Side bets will neither keep your bankroll stable nor get you big wins. Playing Dragon Tiger through online casino apps is fun and exciting. It is hassle-free and easier to access.

The RTPs for Dragon or Tiger bet is typically 96.2%, for Ties, it is 82.17% and for side bets, the RTP is 92.31%. The winnings are paid to the players at the end of each game round. It is a really quick game.

Final Words

Crickex offers a safe, secure and hassle-free platform to play Live Online Dragon Tiger. Right from the gaming policies to the interface and payment methods- Cricket offers the ideal experience for playing the game. It is best suited for beginners who haven’t yet gained much experience in this domain. Dragon Tiger is pretty simple and you can start your journey of online gambling with this one. The simple rules and fast-paced mode of the game make it one of the easiest ways to earn money through online gambling anytime from anywhere

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