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Online casinos these days have found a way to combine the “brick and mortar” with technology to create an authentic experience that punters can’t resist. The whole notion behind online gaming platforms is to make betting more accessible without having to travel miles on end. 

That’s not all. The added cost of hotels, food, drinks can get on the expensive side for those who gamble just for fun. But not anymore. We have an abundance of online casino platform that offers us a betting system on the go. 

Today we will focus on one of the popular casino games, “Live Roulette.” Yes, the game is depicted as the taste of rich in tons of movies; which is not the case in reality. Regardless of the bankrolls, a high-roller and your average Joe must face the same challenges when the wheel begins to spin. It’s a game of the crowd. Either it’s a $100 bet or a $50, we are looking to find a winning strategy. To boost the bankrolls. 

How to play Live Dealer Roulette?

It’s fairly simpler, even for the novice at Roulette. The aim is to predict the number or color the ball lands on once the wheel is on the go. 

American wheel consists of 38 numbers, 0,00 to 36 while the European wheel contains 37 numbers 0 to 36. Red and black are the two colors alternate around the wheel. Once the bets are made, the croupier spins the wheel, which can go in either direction, clockwise or anticlockwise. Then the ball is flicked around the edge. 

Once the ball loses its momentum, it lands on one of the numbers. Then losing bets are removed, and the winning bets are paid out. 

Types of Live Roulette Online

European Roulette

The wheel contains 36 numbers, 1-36 and one Zero. Black color represents the odd numbers, while Red for the even numbers and zero is usually Green. The RTP (Return to the player) is 97.3%. 

In Live Roulette, the playing interface makes all the difference. So far, interfaces like Evolutions, Playtech have done a pretty good job. They provide a statistical view of previous spins. 

Betting portals like Crickex use these interfaces to provide an authentic and advanced gambling experience.  

American Roulette

In terms of numbers, American Roulette has 36 numbers, 1-36, two Zeros, 0 and 00. The color sequence is similar for the wheel. In contrast, the RTP is on the lower side, 94.74%.  

Unless you enjoy lining casino, you should probably look the other way. The wheel is not for the punters who are looking for better odds or any novice players. 

French Roulette

First things first, you will notice the layout, which is baize color, following the traditional formation used back in the time. But that’s a significant difference; it’s the La Partage Rule. Meaning you will only get paid half of the even-money bets if the ball lands on Zero. 

With 98.5% RTP, the odds are on the brighter side. If you wish to benefit from the rule, remember to choose a French layout. 

Types of Bets:

In terms of bets, the Live Roulette offers the same as land-based casinos. Inside bets have higher odds in contrast to Outside Bets. 

Inside Bets: Combination of numbers or single numbers within the central grid. Some of the types are: 

  • Straight-Up: Bet on a single number; Payout: 35-1.
  • Split: Bet placed on either line between two numbers, horizontal or vertical; Payout: 17-1
  • Top Line: Bet on 0, 00, 1-2-3; Payout: 6-1

Outside Bets: Combination or patterns. Some of the types are:

  • Column: Covering one of the three vertical layouts, e.g., 1-4-7-10-13-16-19-22-25-28-31-34 and so on; Payout:2-1.
  • 1st 12 dozen: Incorporating the numbers 1-12: Payout: 2-1. So, on the bet covers up to 3rd 12 dozen. 
  • Black: Bets on Color Black; Payout:1-1. Similarly, you have a bet type on Red with the same payout. 

Live Roulette Online Strategy

In our previous articles we have touched onto a few strategies before. Today we will explore new ones.

1. Reverse Martingale Strategy

Like the name, it’s polar opposite from Martinage strategy. In this betting technique, you will be increasing your stakes when you are on the winning streak. On each winning bet, you will double the next stake. Although many betting sites may pose a limit to how much you can bet at once. 

2. D’Alembert Strategy

This is a low-risk strategy that evens out your payouts. The basics are pretty simple; you will have to increase your bet by one if you lose while reducing your bet by one if you win. The sequence doesn’t demand a high bankroll either. 

  • E.g., 1st Bet: 5 wins, Second: 4 wins, third: 3 wins, fourth: 2 loss, fifth: 3 loss, and sixth: 4 wins. 

3. Reverse D’Alembert Strategy

The premises are just opposite top what the D’Alembert Strategy suggests. Reduce your bets by 1 when in a losing streak. Increase the stakes by one on a winning streak. 

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