How to Use Matched Betting in Cricket Betting?

Playing bets and having a chance to win easy money is quite appealing. The majority of people all over the world take betting like any other job, where you can earn money and settle down bills. However, Betting is just a pleasure and a way to entertain. From this ever-growing technology, betting industries create websites and links to improve bettors’ services. Matched Betting is one of those services that betting companies launch to provide more fun. In this article, you will learn how to use this betting type, but first, you need to know what matched betting is.

Matched Betting:

It is a low-risk form of gambling. Generally, it is used in sporting events where you need to make a guaranteed profit. Matched Betting is famous for “bonus hunting” or “no-risk betting.” By using free bets and other promotions, users of this betting guarantee profits by having all outcomes of a cricket match. , bettors use a betting technique to profit from free bets, and other incentives bookmakers offer. It is typically considered risk-free Betting as it depends on applying a mathematical equation instead of chance. Some people think that free bets are in limited supply, which is not true.

As they are no-risk matched betting, you can ensure that free bets keep coming regularly. Using a simple calculator with free bets and other promotions, you can generate an instant profit from free bets. When you are betting on cricket, it sees bettors make elaborate calculations. In addition, they can place lots of bets to cover all outcomes. 

Used Matched Betting Calculator In Cricket Betting:

It is a fascinating type of Betting, but it needs plenty of calculations. Therefore, it is much better to use an online Matched Betting calculator, and you are good to go. It will help you calculate and place the back judiciously and lay bets. In a nutshell, a matched betting calculator will calculate the returns or profit from the stakes. In contrast, an odds calculator will allow you to place bets that will help you to fetch maximum profits. Moreover, it will also allow you to know your potential earnings if you place a winning bet. 

A matched betting calculator is very easy to use. In fact, it will tell you the exact amount to bet on the betting exchange. So, you can maximize the overall profit and minimize the initial losses, regardless of the outcome. Furthermore, you can use cricket betting rates and live betting rates in the match betting calculator. Many websites offer free online matched betting calculators. Though they are different in design, the working mechanism is the same. 

Way To Calculate Qualifying Matched Bet In Cricket Betting:

The qualifying bet is essential, especially if you want to get a bonus from a bookie. So, let’s start to learn math by using a supposed reward of “Bet 100 INR, get 100 INR free bet”. Suppose you support the IPL team Mumbai Indians to beat the Chennai Super Kings with the bookmaker at odds of 1.5. Of course, you also lay Mumbai Indians on a betting exchange for 1.8, at a lay commission of 5%. 

1. Perfect lay stake:

Lay stake = back odds x back stake / (lay odds-commission)

For Instance, 

Lay stake – 1.5 x 100 / (1.8-0.05) = 85.7 INR.

2. If the back bet wins:

 Profit = back stake x (back odds – 1) – lay stake x (lay odds – 1)

For Instance, 

Profit = 100 x (1.5-1) – 85.7 x (1.8-1) = – INR 18.56

If lay bet wins:

Profit = lay stake x (1 – commission) – back stake

For instance,

Profit = 85.7 x (1-0.05) – 100 = – INR 18.58

Essential Matched Betting Tips:

Matched betting is a system that allows players to profit from betting on both sides of cricket tournaments. However, the math combined with the use of lay Betting at a betting exchange allows Matched Betting to work successfully. So, if you are willing to try it, here are some essential tips you should know beforehand. 

  • Start slow, and don’t take on too much.
  • Keep track of your accounts and your funds.
  • Find a most famous “odd matcher” and “lay calculator”/
  • Choose to establish a bookmaker to register, and make sure that the bookie you select is not as famous as the top in the industry.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions because there are several ways to get information about bookmaker welcome offers.


Matched betting bets hardly depend on chance. You can place numerous bets with guaranteed profit with Matched Betting. The math behind the technique is pretty straightforward. You need to understand the terms. Moreover, you can also use a match betting calculator that gets the work done very fast.

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