Most Popular Sports For Betting In Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s most popular sport is cricket, by far. The ICC Trophy in 1997 and the Cricket World Cup in 1999 were both won by the Bangladeshi national cricket team. Now that Bangladesh is a full member of the International Cricket Council (ICC), they are no longer required to qualify for cricket world cups; instead, they are accepted without needing to do anything. Additionally, Bangladesh can now participate in Test cricket matches.

Which Sports Are The Most Popular For Betting In Bangladesh?

Here are a few sports you may watch and wager on:

Betting on Kabbadi

The national sport of Bangladesh is kabbadi, and the nation has produced a number of elite athletes. The sport is popular across the nation and attracts a lot of interest, especially as its appeal spreads to other parts of the world. While Kabaddi betting is straightforward to understand, a true expert is needed to fully appreciate the game’s subtleties.

The best online betting companies in Bangladesh and throughout the world are highlighting Kabaddi significantly as more people grow interested in this amazing game.

Cricket betting

One of the most widely practiced sports in the nation, along with Kabaddi, is cricket. Since the nation started having a Test team, its strength has not diminished. Additionally, Bangladesh has a domestic league that features a wide range of foreign athletes, which increases the appeal of betting for Bangladeshi players.

The best online sportsbooks in Bangladesh offer betting options for players outside of the domestic and national networks, making it possible to determine odds for all varieties of cricket in various locations. The majority of the best websites for online betting in Bangladesh feature cricket as an option, with a variety of options to choose from.

Betting On Football

Despite a string of misfortune for the Bangladeshi football squad, the sport is still very well-liked there. There is no getting beyond the appeal of the sport, and fans follow all the different leagues. The top sites for betting in Bangladesh are aware of the game’s rising popularity among locals and offer as many football betting options as they can to aid new players.

The game is one of the best options for people who want to make regular and competitive bets because of the expansive strategy it provides.

Tennis wagering

After football, tennis is the second most popular sport at the betting outlets. Tennis matches are far more dynamic than football matches, and events alter much more frequently in tennis, making live betting more popular. Football bettors who do not want to wait for a goal prefer to wager on the outcomes of games and sets as the game goes on. This explains why on some days, more people bet on tennis than football.

Hockey wagers

The Bangladesh national team’s success in the AHF Trophy competitions has sparked a fresh surge of public passion for hockey. Sports fans across the nation are becoming more aware of it, and a rising number of players are learning the game and placing bets on it as well. Simple hockey betting strategies are easy to understand and great for newcomers.

Basketball wagers

Basketball is among the top five sports in the world according to players, including those from Bangladesh. It moves fairly quickly. You can wager on a variety of handicaps, team and overall totals, and, in major games, individual player metrics thanks to basketball features.

Prior to the start of the game, you can wager on the head start or total for the first quarter, first half, or entire game. In live betting, a participant can wager on the following quarter near the end of each game quarter. You will therefore attempt to forecast four mini-matches every game rather than just one.

How do I place a wager?

Following the selection of your bookmaker, there are four stages to take.

  1. First, sign up with the bookmaker. A crucial step before beginning legally placed bets with any provider. To accommodate all preferences, players can choose from a vast array of registration options. Your job is to select the one that is most practical for you and sign up.
  2. Fund your account in step two. It is crucial to clarify how you can deposit or withdraw money from your account at this point. Simply choose the one that you like best and is well-liked by other gamers before funding your account. Remember to take advantage of any incentives the bookmaker may be offering for using this specific mode of payment!
  3. Step 3 is to select a sport. The simplest step is to pick a sport that you enjoy. Here, you must read about the various sports wagering options. To win in this industry, you should probably follow the recommendations of different bettors. Additionally, you ought to pay attention to any advantages the organization provides for placing sports wagers.
  4. Fourth step: select the sports icon. Check out the many kinds of bets the organization offers after choosing a sport. This might be results or totals, handicaps, or double odds—the fundamental betting kinds we discussed previously. After making your decision, place your wager!
  5. Step 5: Select the wager, input your wager amount, and confirm your selection. The final phase, whose main purpose is to complete the technical aspects of the sports wager. All you need to do is choose the finest option and input your desired wager amount. After that, make careful to check the bet’s availability in your account’s bet history section.


You can see from our analysis that users from Bangladesh are increasingly using online sports betting in Bangladesh. They actively wager on kabaddi, cricket, and horse racing. Local sporting competitions are likewise quite well-liked.

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