Is Mushfiqur Rahim involved in spot-fixing during the BAN vs NZ 2nd Test 2023? A Fact or a Rumor?

After the test series against the Black Caps, there were several allegations about Bangladesh’s former captain and wicket-keeper, Mushfiqur Rahim involved in spot-fixing. Mushfiqur had served a legal notice to a TV channel for alleging him of spot-fixing in the 2nd Test match against New Zealand in Dhaka.

Recently, the 2-match test series between Bangladesh and New Zealand concluded with a leveling margin of  1-1. Though a high-scoring game wasn’t experienced at Dhaka, New Zealand won the 2nd test match by 4 wickets and an additional day to spare.

Despite the tough challenges posed to the New Zealand batsmen on a tricky surface at Dhaka, Glenn Phillips and Mitchell Santner’s crucial partnership of 70 runs rescued their team from facing a complete whitewash.

The Bangladesh test series has been marked with unexpected controversies. Earlier, Glenn Phillips applied saliva on the ball during the 1st test match, which violated ICC’s rules.

Later, Mushfiqur Rahim’s strange dismissal of obstructing the field during the 2nd test match. As a result, the 36-year-old right-handed batsman received several criticisms and allegations. Thereby, Mushfiqur became one of the prime reasons and suspects for his team’s collapsing batting performance in the 1st innings. 

Consequently, many cricket fans raised several common queries:

  1. Was Mushfiqur Rahim involved in spot-fixing?
  2. Why there are allegations of Mushfiqur Rahim’s involvement in spot-fixing?
  3. Which TV Channel provided the update about Mushfiqur Rahim involved in spot-fixing? 
  4. Why did Mushfiqur Rahim serve a legal notice to a TV channel? 

On behalf of every cricket fan, the answers to the aforementioned questions will be clarified…

Mushfiqur Rahim involved in spot-fixing

Mushfiqur Rahim involved in spot-fixing?  Revealing the unanswered questions

After experiencing a rare dismissal, several allegations about Mushfiqur’s involvement in spot-fixing have been raised.

Later, Mushfiqur Rahim responded to the accusations made against him by serving the notice.

Ekattor TV ( a Bangladesh TV News channel telecasting in the Bengali language), reported that Mushfiqur Rahim’s strange dismissal of “obstructing the field” might be due to his match-fixing in the 2nd Test against New Zealand in Dhaka.

The claim had spread rapidly across the country. Within no time every other news channel as well as social media had caught up with the same news. Consequently, the other channels started considering it to be the trend.

Moreover, a lack of inquiry from the authorities has deemed it to be a misunderstanding. As a result, the news channel related his dismissal to the match-fixing issue.

Soon after the news spread like wildfire, Mushfiqur served a legal notice to the news channel regarding his defamation.

Mushfiqur had served the notice to :

  1. The News Channel,
    1. Head of the News Channel
    1. The Sports Content Editor
    1. Saiful Rupak- the reporter of the channel  

Mushfiqur Rahim’s notice to Ekattor TV: The former Bangladesh skipper’s opinion

Mushfiqur Rahim conveyed that he still couldn’t believe that a well-reputed channel like Ekattor TV would commit such a distressing allegation, bypassing the boundaries of ethical and honest journalism.

The former Bangladesh skipper’s notice highlights the news channel’s report has deeply created a negative impact on his mental health, lifestyle, and well-being.

Furthermore, he stated that the false allegations made him emotionally stressed.

Mushfiqur’s statement underlined that the report widely spread in Bangladesh and across the world. The false news has declined his standards from every individual’s point of view.

Consequently, authorities should take strict action for such criminal defamation by spreading such false allegations.

False Allegations about Mushfiqur Rahim involved in spot-fixing: Actions taken against the TV Channel

According to the Bangladeshi Penal Code and Cyber Security Act of 2023, it is a serious offense that has hurt his reputation.

Additionally, the declaration gives Mushfiqur the right to initiate legal action against the TV channel. By filing a civil lawsuit, he may seek compensation for defaming him.

An Apology to Mushfiqur Rahim by the News Channel:

A strong order from the higher authorities ordered the news channel to implement two things instantly:

  1. First, the objectionable content should be immediately removed from YouTube and other social media platforms where it might have been shared.
  2. Secondly, the channel must publicly ask for a clear apology acknowledging the falseness and unverifiable report generated

Likewise, the attorneys stressed the importance of the TV channel by providing a written promise to Mushfiqur.

The promise should guarantee that the reporter, Saiful Rupak receives a clear cautioning message to be mindful in the future before spreading the false news.

Later, the TV channel removed the video from its digital platform and requested apologies from Mushfiqur Rahim.

Allegations of Mushfiqur Rahim Involved in Spot-fixing: Overall Facts about Spreading the False News

Lack of evidence and irregular betting activities accuse Ekattor TV of spreading false allegations to boost its TRP rating.

Though, Mushfiqur Rahim’s dismissal indicates his state of unconscious act,  the home fans fumed on social media.

After a collapsing start for Bangladesh in the 2nd test match, Mushfiqur Rahim along with Shahadat Hossain stitched a 57-run partnership.

Though Bangladesh had a higher chance to post a huge total, Mushfiqur’s dismissal of handling the ball at 35 runs, declined the chances of Bangladesh to reach a high total.

After Mushfiqur’s dismissal, the entire batting order succumbed to New Zealand bowlers by scoring only 68 runs for a 5-wicket loss. As a result, Bangladesh managed to score a below-par score of 172-10 in 66.2 overs.

Notably, Mushfiqur Rahim faced a dismissal when he stretched his arm to guide the ball away. Overall, any news channel must verify the facts before jumping to any conclusions. A piece of false news may instantly and permanently damage a cricketer’s years of hard work and reputation