No Risk Matched Betting Works and Why It is Risks Free?

Matched betting or No risk matched betting in India has zero risks attached to it if done correctly. However, Matched betting can only occur when bookmakers offer free bets and promotional offers because matched betting is mainly done by making use of these free bets and turning them into a nifty profit. Now, these free bets might come bundled as welcome bonuses that you will get when you create a new account.

Typically, Matched betting is done by placing two kinds of bet- one on the team’s victory and one on the loss of the same team. This process is also known as laying and backing a bet. Since Bookmakers will not allow you to do that, you will have to make use of a betting exchange to make a lay bet, therefore engaging in a properly matched bet.

Example of matched betting:

No risk matched betting is where you use sportsbook bonuses and betting odds to guarantee yourself a return from a sports bet regardless of what happens in the sporting encounter. Let’s say that there is a game between Manchester United and Manchester City. If you bet for Manchester United to win, that means you back United for the win. You have placed a back bet on Manchester United. Now, for matched betting, you have to bet against United to win; then, you would be laying a chance. For this bet, you will have to go through an exchange. Bookies do not allow lay bets generally.

Why is no risk-matched betting not possible in the USA?

No risk matched betting could easily enjoy the same popularity in the US as it has an overseas impact, but there is a catch, and that is the legislation. In the United States, the basic Federal Wire Act of 1961 makes it illegal to bet across state lines — which is why individual states have legalised betting since the landmark decision by Supreme Court in 2018, rather than betting being available on a federal level.

For matched betting, the regulation of betting within single states is an immediate problem. Matched betting depends on lay bets to provide safety to a profit, and lay bets — where punters bet against the output of an event. They are only available at betting exchanges.

Other essential factors about no risk betting:

If matched betting is so good, why are only some people doing it? Well, there are several reasons that we have summarised for you below:

Mathematical know-how: You will need a good understanding of math to take all risks out of match betting. It is because you will have to balance the odds at different sportsbooks and know how much of a stake to put down to remove risk while maximising your returns. Plus, all betting exchanges charge a commission which can be challenging.

Risk of being banned: It is not going too far to say that no risk matched betting is basically when bettors have an unfair advantage over sportsbooks. After all, you are cheating these betting sites out of the bonus bet credit that they are serving up. You will probably get banned by any online sportsbook that catches you in the act of matched betting.

Pros of no risk matched betting:

  • Free bet offers to ensure opportunities to make guaranteed profits.
  • Your earnings are tax-free, and all the profit is yours.
  • The system’s flexibility ensures that you can fit it despite a busy schedule.
  • A low time/reward ratio, that is, you can earn massive profits by investing minimum time on no risk matched betting.
  • Potential for unrestricted earnings in proportion to the effort you put in.
  • Your money is risk-free if you understand the format and follow the steps carefully.

Cons of no risk matched betting:

  • Some find the concept overwhelming and need help understanding.
  • Need for a sizeable bankroll to build up money quickly.
  • Declining and less profitable offers with more users.
  • Bookmakers can block your account for misusing free bets.

Wrap lines:

Matched betting and no risk matched betting in India have allowed many punters to start their betting career with almost zero risk. Earning a profit without the fear of losing money entices the punters the most. You can continually formulate your strategy and use it with your knowledge to turn all your bets into profits. However, be careful in the way you make the profit through matched betting, as if you get caught; you might end up getting your account banned.

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