Online Casino Bonus Hunting – All Tactics You Need to Know

Which casino game do you like the most? Is it roulette or blackjack or poker? Think about these questions before we start with online casino bonus hunting tactics. Bonuses are presented by bookmakers as lucrative deals to attract new customers. They come in cashback bonuses, special event bonuses, daily or weekly bonuses, etc. But some restrictions are placed on them so that a person does not misuse them.

The house edge casinos make it difficult to profit from games long term. You need something extra to limit the risk with constant winnings. And the answer that you are looking for is the online casino bonuses.

You can win short-term games, but you will feel at a loss when playing against a house constantly. At this time, the bonuses can give you a way out before your losses pile up. The bonus hunting strategy is employed by many pro gamblers, and it is based on the Expected Value calculation Formula. You need to stay focused and vigilant if you plan on making a real profit by playing casino games.

If you are playing solely for pleasure, you do not need to work so hard. Expected Value or Ep determines how beneficial a bonus is for you. Can it turn your earnings into profit or not? The main question and its answer can turn the house’s edge into your own. Let’s find out how bonuses can be profitable in the long run.

Online Casino Bonus Hunting Important Information

Online Casino Bonus hunting is not an abuse of bonuses provided by casinos in mathematical equations to win more. We advise you not to rely solely on your luck when you place a wager and focus on skills. The best way to overcome house edge and profit is to use the Expected value (EV) equations.

There are numerous ways for beginners and professionals to enjoy bonuses offered by casinos. We will be discussing our top strategies and specific tactics in brief below. But before that, let’s look at the types of casino bonuses available.

Casino Offers and Bonuses for New Players

The casino offers are different for existing users and new players. Find out below the proposals for new players on the gambling sites.

  • No Deposit Welcome Bonus – It is a risk-free bonus where no deposit is required, and you get a free trial.
  • Risk-Free Welcome Bonus – The casino offers you a risk-free bonus where a small and refundable deposit is required. You do not need to worry as even if you lose, you still get your money back.
  • Matching or Percentage Bonus – It requires an initial bonus and gives you the same or a percentage amount. But it is not risk-free and has high requirements.

Casino Offers and Bonuses for Existing Players

Casinos are always trying to get new users onboard. But they do not let their old ones go as well.

  • Reload – one of the most common bonuses for existing users, which can be found on a weekly or monthly basis. It works similarly to the Matching or Percentage welcome bonuses.
  • Loss Refund – It follows the same concept as a risk-free welcome bonus but only for existing customers.
  • Loyalty / High Roller etc. – These are the special bonuses for the people with certain betting habits.

Online Casino Bonus Hunting Tactics and Strategies

We have prepared general and specific tactics for you to use when playing a game in a casino. Firstly, look at the three broad strategies before looking at the specific tactics.

Beat Casino with the Most Popular Games

You can find many games in an online casino. But using specific game strategies for Roulette, Blackjack, and Slots can give you guaranteed wins. These are the most popular games with low risks involved.

Use the Lowest House Edge Games to Your Advantage

Video Poker, Craps, and Baccarat games have the lowest house edge available. Use tactics and strategies with bonus offers and make high profits.

Use Profitable Sign Up Methods

Casinos will try to lure you using various offers and bonuses. But you are here to make profits and earn big. You can use different portals depending on the situation and chances available.

Our main tactics for beating the house edge of an online casino are:-

  • 0 Risk + Guaranteed Clearing
  • 0 Risk Clearing
  • Almost No Risk Clearing
  • High-Risk Clearing

We are sure that this guide will be helpful to you. If you have any doubts about online casino bonus hunting, keep following our blogs for the latest information

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