Online Crickex Bangladesh Payment Methods

Online Crickex casinos are a famous platform for betting sports such as cricket, football, etc. are widely used among bettors in Bangladesh or Bangladeshi players. Online Crickex Bangladesh have different types of payment methods for Bangladeshi players.

Choosing a suitable and secure payment method is the top priority of any bettor regardless of the country. When you create an account on a betting site, the next important step is to fund your account. 

The payment method that you choose should suit you according to your needs and must be secure. Players nowadays are putting their bet mostly on cricket and football, and the same goes for Bangladeshi players. 

This article will discuss the different payment methods available in Crickex Bangladesh and how to register on a site. 

Crickex Bangladesh Payment Review

Crickex Bangladesh exchange is gaining popularity in Bangladesh because of its user-friendly Bangladeshi interface and the ease of operating it. The online Crickex casino is specially designed to cater to the Crickex Bangladeshi players’ needs and oblige them. 

The Crickex exchange offers various payment options such as Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards and other payment operators such as Bkash, Rocket, and Nagad. 

Using these Crickex Bangladesh payment operators, the players can deposit and withdraw money anytime they want. The payment operators such as Bkash, Nagad, and Rocket are accepted in the Crickex exchange in Bangladesh. After you make an account, the next thing you would want to do is make a deposit. 

The deposit button is in the top right corner of the home page. The service provided by the Crickex exchange is fast and secure, and so after making a deposit, the amount is shown in your account within the next few hours. The withdrawal request is also processed as soon as possible, and you can also cancel your withdrawal request by contacting customer care. 

Online Crickex Bangladesh- How to Register

As there are many sites for online betting, the fact that the registration process for online Crickex is simple and straightforward makes it stand out. The easy and straightforward route measure is what makes the Crickex exchange reliable and fast. 

When you open the site, the ‘join’ button appears on the landing page. After clicking on the join button, a new page will open in which you will have to fill in some details. The first step is to generate your username and password. After this, a new page will open, which will ask for your phone number, email address, name, etc. Make sure that you write the name and number the same as the one listed in the bank account details that you wish to use. This is because the online Crickex casino does not accept payment from any third party.  

Bkash, Nagad, And Rocket Betting Payment

These are the most common payment methods apart from direct bank transfer that is mostly used in Bangladesh, especially in Crickex exchange. Let us understand each one by one:


BKASH is a mobile financial service operated in Bangladesh and is used widely by the local residents. Through Bkash, people can transfer money into their mobile accounts and avail themselves of a large variety of services, including making prepaid mobile payments, online payments for shopping, giving and receiving money on their accounts. Even money from overseas can also be received through Bkash.

Bkash payment is widely used as a payment operator when it comes to betting sites. Crickex allows Bkash to Crickex Bangladeshi players for making deposits, and it is also a safe way to make payments. 


Operating under the Bangladesh Post Office, Nagad is also a mobile financial service used in Bangladesh. It was started by the Bangladesh Post office on November 11, 2018, and started operations from the year 2019. It made the availability of the services such as cash-in, cash-out, and other payment services such as phone recharge, online bill payment, etc., through its mobile app. 

The Nagad payment operator is also used in making deposits in online casinos, and you can easily use it to make payments in Crickex. 


Rocket is a product of the Dutch-Bangla Bank in Bangladesh pioneering in financial services. It is one of the most used mobile financial service apps operated in Bangladesh and is used for a variety of purposes. The rocket uses advanced technologies and makes the services such as online payments, cash-in, cash-out, merchant payment, disbursement of salary, ATM withdrawal, etc., available at a very low service cost. 

Like the other two payment operators, Rocket payment is also used as a payment gateway in Crickex exchange to make deposits. 

The other popular and common payment gateway is the use of debit and credit cards. Crickex allows the use of Visa and Mastercard only. The payment process for depositing an amount is very fast, and you will get your account updated in no time. 

With withdrawal also, you will have your amount in your bank account within a few hours. Although using a credit card may take up some more time, you don’t have to worry about being stuck without money for a very long time.  

Other methods such as foreign payment options like Skrill, Neteller can also be used for making payments. But these do not accept the local Bangladeshi currency, so you will have to make a deposit or withdraw money using the foreign currency. But the work can still be done without any hindrance.

How to Deposit at Online Crickex Bangladesh 

The steps to deposit money at online Crickex Bangladesh payment are given below:

  • Use your username and password to log in to your account 
  • When you log in, the homepage for the site will open, and you will see a ‘Deposit’ icon on the top right corner of the page
  • Click on that ‘deposit’ icon. A new page will open listing all the recommended online Crickex deposit options 
  • Click on the type of payment system’ tab and get a full list of available payment options. 
  • Select the one you wish to use and enter details that are asked of you. 
  • Click on the ‘confirm’ button, and your payment is made.

How To Withdraw At Online Crickex Bangladesh

If you are lucky enough and win a bet, then you can easily withdraw your winning amount in no time whenever you want. The steps to withdraw at online Crickex Bangladesh are given below:

  • On the home page of the site; click on the ‘my account’ option on the top left side of the page
  • Then click on the ‘withdrawal funds’ option on the left side of the page
  • Then choose the route you want to take for withdrawing your money. For example, you take a Visa card, then you will have to fill in the details required for it. The type of details you need to fill in depends on the type of online Crickex withdrawal method you have chosen
  • Then select the ‘confirm’ button and wait for the withdrawal process to complete. 

Crickex Bangladesh Payment FAQ

Q1. Is it safe to deposit money Crickex Bangladesh?

Ans. Yes, Crickex Bangladesh is absolutely safe and secure to bet online. Security highlights such as SSL jumbles the data and keeps it safe inside the site. Your details regarding the account will remain secure after you do your KYC.

Q2. What payment options can be used to make a deposit or withdraw online from Crickex Bangladesh?

Ans. The most common and accepted Crickex Bangladesh payment methods are bank transactions using Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card; mobile apps such as Nagad, Rocket, and Bkash, and other overseas options such as Skrill, Neteller. If nothing works, then you can contact the customer care of the Crickex exchange, and they will tell you what the problem is and guide you to available payment options.

Q3.  How much time does it take to deposit or withdraw money online in Crickex Bangladesh?

Ans. The deposit of the amount is very simple and takes only a few hours to show it in your account. The withdrawal can take a few more hours and especially if it is done through a credit card, but nonetheless, the process of withdrawal gets completed before 24 hours. 

Q4. What are the sports that you can bet on Crickex Bangladesh?

Ans. A Crickex Bangladeshi player can bet on a variety of sports. Although only Horse racing is legal, there to bet, and only when it is done on tracks, but you can still bet on a lot of other sports online because there are no rules regarding online betting. Some other games you can bet on online Crickex Bangladesh are Cricket, Football, though Cricket is the most popular among bettors in Bangladesh.