Online Live Dealer Casino Games – A Complete Guide

Online Live Casino Games give the users a real-time casino experience at their homes. The Live Dealer Casino Games include a real-time gaming session with a live HD video stream with the dealers and the players with whom you can interact.

This gives you such an amazing experience that makes you feel like you are sitting on one of the casino tables in real life. The gameplay remains the same as that of the original casino but in the Live Dealer games.

There are many exclusive benefits for users, like the welcome bonus. Online casinos are a unique concept of bringing the fun of a real-life casino inside the comfort of your home.

How Online Live Casino Games Work

The working of Live Casino Games works like normal casino games. The process includes entering the studio. Then, you need to place your bets on the digital game board, and further, you need not worry; the live dealers take care of the rest.

Every round has a duration of 30 seconds to a minute. The Best Live Dealer Games also come with several amusing features like multiplier rounds and bonus rounds. Also, many smart abilities include the placement of the same bets with a single click, history of the last 10, 50 or 100 spins, and live chat features.

Best Live Dealer Games in 2021

There has come a big change since the first release of the Live Casino Games. The old casino games were very popular in their time, but with the change of time and technology, many things changed, and so did the Online Live Casino Games.

Initially, a user was provided with only one camera, and the games were also very basic. The games included roulette, blackjack, poker, etc.

Online Live Dealer games have come a long way since their origin. They now provide better video streaming, easy transfer of credits, rich portfolio, and user-friendly.

Now, with so many options of game to play, you are left confused. Here is a list of the Best Live Dealer Games that will help you choose from a wide variety of options.

Lightning dice by evolution gaming

Lightning dice is one of the most popular live dealer games brought by evolution gaming. It is the most simple yet the most fun game that you will come across. All you have to do is guess the number that will appear after the roll of the dice! And if you guess it right, you are in for some credit.

Three dice are rolled into the lightning tower. A player has to get the total sum that will appear on the three dice. The game has a very rich portfolio. The special effects created by the lightning when the dice rolls down the lightning tower are treated to the eyes.

Quantum roulette by Playtech:

Quantum roulette is a live casino game released by Playtech. Since its release, it has become one of the favourites among other online casino games. The game works on single zero roulette rules.

There is a random quantum boost event in the game that provides a sudden boost to your game. You can avail multiplier boosts on every round of the game by getting straight-up numbers.

What makes this quantum roulette different from others is that it provides the multipliers range from 50x to 500x. This range is capable of gaining colossal prize potential. Quantum roulette is very simple as compared to our quantum physics. Do not let the name befuddle you.

Infinite blackjack by evolution gaming:

The game works on the principle of the 6-card charlie rule. The 6-card charlie rule says that any player who has six cards and whose sum does exceed 21 is declared the winner. The game has eight card decks.

The dealer is supposed to stand on soft 17. Therefore, the best thing about infinite blackjack by evolution gaming is that it allows an unlimited number of players to join the live dealer game. You will never find a moment in the game when you are unable to get a table. The game is always ready to entertain you.

Mega ball by evolution gaming:

Mega ball is another amazing game launched by the gambling field expert, evolution. The game consists of lottery and bingo mechanics. The players are supposed to complete lines on game cards. The more lines the player completes, the more is the credit that he gets. 

Live crazy time by evolution gaming:

Live crazy time is a game that is popular for its gameplay mechanics. The atmosphere provided by the game is highly entertaining. The game revolves around the spinning of a wheel. The wheel consists of 54 sections.

These sections hold a particular number or a bonus. The practice of this game will make you know how to place bets here. Whether it is a low roller or a high roller, both will love the atmosphere provided by the game and the interface.

Where to Play Live Dealer Online Casino Games

You can play Live Delear Casino Games on the following platforms:

Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Casinos

Online Live Dealer games are very much similar to real life. Therefore, there are both advantages as well as disadvantages of the game too. The various advantages and disadvantages of the games are listed categorically below:

Advantages of live dealer casino games

  • The best advantage of online live casinos is that it allows anyone to enjoy the game from their homes’ comfort with a high-tech virtual casino experience.
  • Playing the game online also keeps you away from the waiting of tables to get vacant; instead, you can just connect to a game instantly with a click.
  •  When played online, the game provides you with great bonus vouchers and several other benefits that can be availed to have a better online casino experience.
  • You can be lucky enough to win a jackpot amount when playing Daily Double and Pick 3 Wagering bets. It is a bit tough to make money through fell swoop, so it is suggested to go for a small wager as it allows more earning potential quickly.

Disadvantages of live dealer casino games

  • As the games are played online; thus, it is dependent on the network connection. If the breakdown of the network or any internet-related issue occurs, your game may get interrupted and sometimes may also result in loss of money.
  • The other players may be multitasking between the games, which can lead to a delay in the gameplay.
  • Online casinos are a bit more costly than digital casinos. To find a game of less than1$, a hand is hard to find. The high cost is the expenses on the studio setup and maintenance, dealer salary, etc.
  • There is restricted access to the Live Dealer games in countries like the USA, Australia and others. The states with legal regulations of online casinos are allowed to hold online games.

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