Play and Win at High Roller Jackpot Slot Games

If you somehow stumbled into this article the chances, are you enjoy Slot Games or any other means of betting. However, you wish to expand the betting limits or simply curious.

So, why High Roller Slot games?

Well, because high stakes slot games are believed to be the ultimate gaming experience. Whether you play high-roller slots in a land-based casino or the comfort of your home, the ample payouts will bring bigger excitement.

In some land-based casinos, high-roller slot games, have higher betting limit in contrast to online casinos. Although there is a secret solution to increase the limit. Which is not disclosed in public setting.

Hence, if you wish to increase the betting limit on your high-roller slots account, customer support is the way to go. Chances are they can help, depending on the software they use. Which reminds me the cost-effectiveness of running online slot games. Hence the generously rewarding payouts.

Biggest Pro: Online casino offers higher payback percentage. But that’s not all of its benefits.

Here are some advantages of using online based high roller slot games:

  • Convenience
  • Privacy
  • Safety
  • Secured Payment options
  • Special offers reserved for V.I.P players and even occasional holidays trips.

Types of slot games.

There are two types of slot games.

  • Penny Slots
  • High-Roller Slots

To play any high-roller slot games players need to be willing to place high–stakes. An example: There is a particular five dollar bet slot games. Let’s say you place a 9-line bet at a time. That means $45 per spin.

However, this is not the highest limit covered by any online high-roller slots, merely an example of the action.

Even in case you don’t any win jackpot the gaming session alone can give you a significant payout.


  • Stakes limit are much higher than regular slots.
  • High-roller slot games are not intimidating as it sounds. They are easy to play, a regular slot games with much bigger payouts.

Here are some of the top high roller slots you can enjoy:

Thai Flower

Asian theme by Scientific games.


  • Free spins
  • Scatter Symbols
  • Fun Bonus Round
  • Maximum Win Potential: £250,000
  • Bet Amount needed: £500

Buffalo Gold

Wild life theme. An Aristocrat’s games.


  • Wild Symbols
  • Free Spins (27X)
  • Collection Bonus Game
  • Maximum Win Potential: 300X bet amount. However, the expected win can reach up to 300X.

Irish Riches Megaways

Powered by Blue Print gaming this Meg away slot allows £500 per spin.


  • High Volatility
  • Free Spin
  • 117,469 Pay lines
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Large Payouts

Joker Troupe

Push Gaming launched this high roller slot in 2020.


  • Free Spins
  • Re-spins
  • Multiplier
  • Scatter Symbols
  • High Payout Slot
  • Maximum Win Potential: 25,567X Bet amount.
  • Bet Amount needed: £200/ spin


Playtech’s most prized –possession Gladiator (A movie starring Russel Crowe)


  • Two Bonus, they are Coliseum Bonus and Gladiator Bonus
  • 5 reels  and 25 pay lines
  • Free Spins
  • Maximum Win Potential: 25,567X Bet amount.
  • Bet Amount needed: £200/ spin


Another exciting television series by Netflix, Narcos theme high-roller slot game comes to life by Net Ent games.

Unique look and Bonuses.

Entertaining Feature:

  • Character like Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) and Javier Pena (Pedro Pascal).


  • Free Spins
  • Walking Wild Symbols
  • Locked up Bonus.

Tips to remember while playing high-roller slot games.

  • Equal Payouts in both wild and scatter symbol. But such combination in large number (4 or 5) is rare.
  • Strategies are not always useful in such risky games.
  • Your slot gaming account needs to have 500 coins at least.
  • Celebratory win can be made through maximum bet. If the deposited amount is 2000 times more.
  • Try to focus more on single bet over the gaming session.
  • Bets of at least 10,000 coins can lead to progressive jackpot.
  • RTP 95.04% necessarily doesn’t provide a positive mathematical result.
  • Slot gaming cycle is affected by a change in coin value.
  • High-Roller Slot games go through a full demo test mode.

Wrapping Up

High Roller Slot games give us a chance to win big. So, it’s important for you to choose online casinos that allows significant sums of money at one go.

As you will need to deposit large sum of money as well. So, it is better to ensure online casinos that provide safe and secure banking options.

On top of that, you need a casino site that is reliable. So, that you don’t have to jump from one casino site to another. This adrenaline-pumping and generous, high-stake slot offers an experience like no other.

If you possess the financial ability, the gaming session experience alone can make these high-roller slot games worthy of your time.

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