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In terms of choosing Live dealer games, almost everything comes with a set of rules that requires practice and patience. However, if you wish to play games without needing years of experience in the back pocket, Live Dragon Tiger might just be the game for you. 

Due to its resemblance to Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, the game has earned massive popularity in Asian countries. This is by far one of the simple, most straightforward, and exciting card games that can be played by novice and casino veterans—especially the version developed by Evolution Gaming

What is Live Dragon Tiger?

The game is originally from Cambodia and made for Baccarat enthusiasts. Although there are few versions of the card game, like Hi-Lo, Casino War, and War of Bets, Dragon Tiger embodies the style of Baccarat. 

The two-card dealt game earned its reputation and popularity in a fast-paced action just like the game itself. With two cards on the tables, you get three possible outcomes; Lose, win or tie. 

How to play Live Dragon Tiger?

The Live Dragon Tiger game is played with a standard 52-card deck shoe that contains no jokers or wilds. Once the bets are made, on either set of options. The dealer places the card facing up on the layout. The highest card on display wins. 

The numerical value cards suggest the ranking order; hence, 10, J, Q, K are the largest, and Aces are the lowest. 

Unlike other games, the Live Dragon Tiger shares a higher house edge on the two prominent bets, 3.73% and even more on Tie Bet. 

A round merely takes 25 seconds to finish, with 15 seconds on the clock as the betting time. So, one might have to be quick on making their prediction. But nothing can beat the thrill of the expeditious card game.  

Where to Play Live Dragon Tiger?

Many casino betting portals support the two-card game. One of such Trending Sports exchange websites of 2021 is Crickex. The site offers safe, easy, and rapid payment options. Furthermore, you can utilize the cashback rewards on the Evolutions gaming platform to recover your losses.

Rules of Live Dragon Tiger

The aim is to predict which hand contains the highest card. 

Dragon on the Left. Tiger on the Right. The two versions of the tie are the typical Tie or suited tie. Tie with the same color card. But you can also place bets on Big or Small.

Big: Bets incorporating cards Eight to King.

Small: Bets incorporating cards Ace to Seven. 

Each result pays out differently. 

Dragon has a Return to Player of 96.27%; the payout ratio is 1: 1. Tiger stands on the same payout. While the tie version has high casino edge.’

Tie: Return to Player at 89.64%, and the payout ratio is 11:1. 

While the Suited Tie shares even higher Return to Player at 86.02% and the payout ratio is 50:1. 

Evolution gaming has an 11:1 payout ratio compared to other software developers standing at an 8:1 payout ratio.

Strategies to apply while playing Live Dragon Tiger

The game is pretty simple and hardly requires any complex strategies. This is one of the reasons beginners can indulge in this game without any prior casino experience. That being said, there are few things that you might need to keep in check while getting on with the card game.

No Tie Bets

We can’t stress enough on this point. Anyone can get tempted to mix things a bit, no doubt there. An expectation to gain 11 times the stake and adding few chips on the Tie is not the wisest bet. With a house edge of 32.77%, there are chances of getting lucky. But the odds are highly in Casino’s Favour.

Card Counting

Like in Blackjack, card counting can help you gain an edge on playing Live Dragon Tiger. A simple place to start will be counting how many eights have been dealt with so far. This way, you will have somewhat knowledge on whether to bet on Big or Smalls. Or you could go the other way around by counting on the total seven dealt out in the game. This technique gives a clear vision on whether to avoid the big or small bets altogether.

Use Betting Forms with Caution

Using a generic casino betting system like the Martingale system might not be the right way to go in this simple game. So. I recommend don’t rely heavily on this system. If you wish to use the betting forms, always be extra careful and try to keep it simple as possible.

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