Play Roulette Online Casino Games in Dhaka

The game of roulette has been recognized on a global level. People are very well versed with the concept of the roulette red wheel. The wheel has left a few imprints in the minds of the public through casino-based movies or advertisements of casino and gambling products. The game of roulette is the only one that is highly played by casino lovers. There is no one particular reason for the popularity it has gained. However, to put it correctly fame has emerged due to the conception these movies have of people.

Especially in Bangladesh, playing roulette online is extremely popular. The players from Bangladesh have a chance to play this game specifically on online casino portals only, so that is why they indulge in roulette online. The only reason why these games are highly enjoyed in Dhaka is that they come with great benefits in winning huge payouts. Further emphasizing this writing piece will help in understanding the game of roulette and how to play it step-wise.

Origin of Roulette

After a lot of research done by many people, it is safe to say that there is not a single theory that is considered to be accurate. However, there is one concept that is very well known and accepted by many. The major roulette variants have left their traces back in France. Mainly the soldiers of France used to play this game and whenever they used to travel they kept teaching it to their fellow soldiers and this spread all over Europe. Although in doing so these different countries started making their own alterations and that is how today’s contemporary roulette is being played.

Like everything, this game finally made its way to America. Over here the game just went through further enhancement. The alteration was done by adding an extra pocket to the roulette wheel. These are 2 green color pockets with an addition of double zeros. This is the only difference between European roulette with 37 pockets and the American one with 38 pockets.

Steps to play roulette online in Bangladesh

Online portal selection

The primary step for the player from Bangladesh is to search for a trusted online casino that offers roulette online as one of their gambling products. Just checking a portal is not enough. The players need to check certain parameters related to the security protocols. It is highly imperative that the online platform is at least licensed. It is because in the end it is a monetary portal and the security needs to be top-notch in order to secure the funds of the players.


The secondary step is quite simple. The players need to register by creating their accounts on the online casino portals. They just need to put in their personal details like name and contact information. The players will also be asked to create their credentials to secure their accounts. These credentials will allow their login details to play the game whenever they wish to.


After the registration process is completed, the tertiary step is to deposit some money in their accounts to start playing the game. Since Bangladesh punters exclusively gamble only on online portals, these sites have enhanced their sites to cater to their needs better. Basically, all the online portals accept local currencies and not one particular currency. So, the players are saving the money and indulge into wagering as well.

Opting for a suitable roulette

Once the deposit is made, the player can come to the page where all the gambling games are listed. In this list the players need to pick a game which is appropriate for them. In simpler terms, Bangladesh players have two famous types of roulette online, i.e. European and American. However, these games come with their own merits and demerits. So before the commencement of the game, the player must go through the terms and conditions carefully. Based on those terms the player can determine which variant is the most suitable for them.

To sum up

In Bangladesh it has been observed that out of all the online casino and gambling products, the players are really fond of playing online roulette. The origin of this game is surely vague but the variants of it are being devoured by punters . The above guide is to help players understand the steps they need to follow along with a few things that need to be checked and kept in mind before selecting a particular variant. 

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