Live Sic Bo Online – Betting Options & Strategy tips

Sic Bo translating into precious dice is an ancient Chinese dice game that is earning quite popularity in the land-based and virtual casinos. The fast-paced is an enjoyable and refreshing change in contrast to many online casino games. 

How to Play Sic Bo Online?  

The game revolves around the result of the three dices. Regardless of the version you decided to play, the basic gameplay stays the same. Hence, simplicity is another reason for its shine in the limelight. However, the side bet option can differ depending on the versions. 

Betting on an online Sic Bo platform is as easy and seamless as the game itself. Choose the version of Sic Bo you relish and place your bets before the dices are rolled out. Remember, you can place multiple bets at once. All you need to do is drag a chip on the desired bet type and confirm it.

If you are playing a live Sic Bo, then the dealer will roll the dice, or Random Number Generator (RNG) software will give you the total. If the bet wins, you get paid automatically, or else the bet amount will be deducted. 

Sic Bo Betting Options

After you get the hang of the basic rule, let’s venture into the betting options that you will come across playing Sic Bo. Some of the betting options are: 

Small Bet: Betting on the outcome 4 to 10 with payout 1:1.

Big Bet: Betting on the outcome 11 to 17 with payout 1:1.

The same goes for the Odd and even Bet. You are either wagering in the odd betting option or even. 

The payout ratio is different in the number of bets, like for instance, the number four pays out 62 to 1, while the number seven pays out 12 to 1. 

Pair Bet, betting on one of the 15 possible outcomes. You can also choose to wager on one, two, or all three dice, also known as Single, double, or Triple bets. 

Combination Bet: It allows you to bet on any or all 15 outcomes for two-dice combos. 

Where to Play Sic Bo Online?  

Due to its contemporary allure, Sic Bo can be found almost on any online casino website. A few exciting variants of the Sic Bo listed down below can change your overall experience.

Live Sic Bo – Playtech

Playtech never ceases to amaze us with their twist and turn in the casino games. The same goes for the live Sic Bo. This version is simple and straightforward. Although there is no additional bonus feature, it allows you to wager a $5 to $250 in a single bet. 

Sic Bo Deluxe – Playtech

The eye-catching Asian theme is a game-changing ambiance in the Sic Bo Deluxe version. Furthermore, the random multipliers can add up to 1000X times. You can also enjoy the auto-play feature, which allows you to make the same bets frequently. 

Super Sic Bo – Evolution

Being one of the leading game developers, Evolution leaves no stone unturned. Their signature “lightning multipliers” enable the possibility to win a payout of up to 1,000x.

All these animated versions of the Sic Bo are available in Crickex. If you don’t know already, Crickex is the one-stop destination for all your betting needs. This online sports exchange website features a variety of gaming options. You can wager on the biggest sports event while enjoying few rounds of casino delights. 

Sic Bo Strategy Tips

For Beginners Players  

If you take the first few steps in Sic Bo, the following strategies can come in handy. Although the dice game is pure luck, a little game challenging never hurts. 

The Bets you can try are Small Bet, Big Bet, and Combination bet. These options don’t require any over-the-top skill. 

You can also use one other betting strategy that will help you avoid any colossal loss, 1-3-2-4. This is simple; if you put a $1 bet in the initial step, the second bet should be $3, and so on. If you win, keeping going in that order. In case you lose, start over from one. 

For Advanced Players  

With enough practice, you can climb up to higher numbers. For advanced players, I highly recommend betting on at least four different numbers. Keep in mind, the higher the payout, the less likely are the chances of winning. Nonetheless, if your luck is by your side, then you might as well go with it. 

Usually, players follow a specific Sic Bo system like placing two currency units bet on double 1, 5, and 6 or three units on 9.  You will be paid 24 units if either of the combinations is successful. Although I suggest you thoroughly examine the payouts, house edge, and probability before you wager. Also, keep in mind your bankroll. 

For Expert Players  

The players in this category can generally afford to stake on higher-risk strategies. Some of the suitable choices are: 

Two currency units: Double 1, 2, and 3 or a combination of 2 and 3

Three currency units: Eight 

Payout: 22 units in case of double bet, 12units for combination bet, and 27 units if eight wins. 

Another possible system can experts can wager in is: 

Two currency units: double 4, 5, and 5 and Combination bet of 4 and 5.

Three currency units: 12. 

Payout: 22 units in case of double bet, 12units for combination bet, and 27 units if 13 wins. 

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